Intech Launch iFusion150 LPBF Metal 3D Printer


India: Intech Additive Solutions, one of the first movers in additive manufacturing in India, has announced the launch of its 2nd Generation iFusion150 (formerly known as iFusion SF1) Metal 3D Printer this month. This upgrade improves on the various features of the 1st Gen machine, like enhanced operational safety, reduced human intervention, and more features like butterfly valves with automatic control for filter changeover without stopping the run, dual lock safety, and compact design. It promises to benefit various sectors, including R&D Labs, Tool and Die Industry, Space Industry, Defence Sector, General Engineering Industry, Automotive Industry and Educational Institutions. The iFusion150 from Intech was recently installed at CONIFY in Greece.

One of the industry leaders of additive manufacturing in India, Intech Additive Solutions, was established in 2012. Their iFusion150, is a high-performance small format Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF) Metal 3D Printer which is their most successful product. Powered by Beckhoff Automation, ScanLab Optics, and IPG Lasers, the OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) may easily make the switch to additive manufacturing thanks to iFusion150. From concept design and material selection to metal part printing, post-processing, and testing, they offer a full AM ecosystem. Their recent partnership with DMG Mori has helped them establish a stronger global presence and accelerated the adoption of Metal 3D Printing in the manufacturing sector for various industries.

With a 500-Watt laser source, the iFusion150 delivers power that enables users to print at higher build rates and layer thicknesses. The iFusion150 is one of the high performing machines in its class with a minimum per part cost thanks to its enormous build volume of 150 mm diameter and 180 mm height, which enables nesting and stacking of more parts per build. A few high-quality parts, including those from IPG Lasers, ScanLab Optics, and Beckhoff Automation, produced the machine’s superior performance, high precision, and high level of stability and durability; these features continue to be present in the current model.

Intech’s Vice President-Sales, Mr. Pradeep Nair, says
“All industries are experiencing a tremendous advancement in technology. We are always creating and improving products in accordance with customer feedback to create software and technology that is ready for the future. The machine can be upgraded to 700W and 1000W in our most recent improvements, and a greater variety of metal alloys can be employed to manufacture products. Serving the demands of our clients while keeping up with emerging trends and technologies in the tool and die, dental and medical, aerospace, automotive, defence, and other industrial applications across numerous industries is something we look forward to doing. With the launch of the new 2nd Generation iFusion150 , we hope to expand in international markets like those in Asia Pacific and Europe, and we look forward to collaborating with relevant distributors in these regions.”

The iFusion150 offers ‘AMBuilder’, an integrated pre-build design software for Powder Bed Fusion (PBF) based Additive Manufacturing. ‘AMBuilder’ caters to the needs of both beginners and advanced users. Its inbuilt algorithms incorporate Intech’s in-depth and extensive knowledge of additive manufacturing, enabling users to achieve the right build with the first print.