Intozi’s Founder Virender Josan Explores the Evolution of AI Video Analytics


Delve into the visionary journey of Intozi’s inception and growth, as its Founder and Managing Director, Virender Josan, discusses the company’s pioneering role in AI-driven video analytics. From tackling real-world challenges to forging partnerships with industry giants, discover how Intozi continues to shape the landscape of technological innovation.

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TimesTech: What inspired the inception of Intozi back in 2019, and how did you and your co-founder, Naresh Kamboj, envision the company’s role in the realm of AI-driven video analytics?

Mr Virender: The story behind Intozi’s inception in 2019 is a testament to our clear vision and the real-world problem that inspired it. It all began when Naresh encountered a challenge in his friend’s startup – revenue leakage due to unauthorized sales transactions. This immediately caught our attention and sparked the idea of using video analytics to automate customer identification and prevent such losses.

My background in advanced technologies, particularly in computer vision through my work on Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, was instrumental in exploring the potential applications of video analytics across industries. When Naresh shared the problem he faced, it resonated with me instantly, and we both saw an opportunity to make a difference.

Together, we envisioned Intozi as a platform to leverage video analytics to tackle business challenges across various sectors. We realized that existing solutions in the market fell short in addressing the specific problem we aimed to solve, so we took it upon ourselves to find an alternative.

Despite facing constraints in resources, we dedicated months to developing a prototype. By early 2019, we successfully deployed our solution and witnessed a remarkable reduction in revenue leakage at several outlets. This initial success fueled our determination to further explore the potential of video analytics in solving real-life problems.

Intozi was thus founded with a clear mission – to harness video analytics technologies to address diverse business use cases. Our journey is driven by a shared passion for technology and problem-solving, and we remain committed to innovating and creating impactful solutions across multiple industries.

TimesTech: IKSHANA, Intozi’s flagship platform, offers over 99 video analytics applications. Could you highlight some standout applications and how they cater to diverse industry needs?

Mr Virender: IKSHANA, our flagship offering, is an enterprise video analytics platform that enables the seamless development, expansion, and management of real-time computer vision and deep learning applications. Apart from catering to a wide range of use cases across multiple domains, IKSHANA offers users the flexibility to run any video analytic application on any video source, empowering enterprises with freedom and customization options. Some of its applications are given below.

Fence Jumping Detection: Offering real-time monitoring, this AI-powered system swiftly identifies unauthorized attempts to breach fences, enhancing security in protected areas.

Object Counting: With high accuracy and efficiency, this solution counts and detects different types of objects in real-time, improving traffic flow and crowd management for enhanced operational efficiency.

Human Detection: Providing real-time alerts and high accuracy, this system ensures comprehensive surveillance, adaptable to diverse security needs with customizable privacy settings and crowd monitoring.

People Counting: Accurately tracking footfall in real-time, this feature optimizes staff allocation and improves customer experience by enabling efficient crowd management and resource allocation.

Smoke and Fire Detection: Efficiently identifying fire and smoke incidents with real-time alerts and high accuracy, this capability enhances safety in critical situations, protecting occupants and assets from potential fire hazards.

Safety Kit Detection: Detects the safety gear of the workforce deployed at site in an autonomous manner to enforce safety measures for an accident-free work environment. Detection of safety gears such as Safety Helmet,Safety Jacket,Safety Shoes etc. and raising instant alerts for people working without wearing safety gears.

Intrusion Detection: Providing real-time alerts and accurate identification of potential threats, this AI-powered feature bolsters overall security measures, effectively mitigating risks across different environments.

Crowd Management: By analysing video feeds, this solution effectively manages crowds in various settings, optimizing crowd flow, enhancing safety, and improving overall customer experience during events or in public areas.

Process Monitoring: Offering real-time analysis of workflow processes captured through video feeds, this AI-driven solution identifies inefficiencies, streamlines operations, and ensures adherence to regulatory standards.

Slip/Fall Detection: Leveraging advanced computer vision techniques, this system swiftly identifies incidents in real-time, helping mitigate risks of injuries and liabilities in various environments.

Face Recognition: Utilizing state-of-the-art facial recognition technology, this feature accurately identifies individuals from video streams, facilitating personalized customer experiences, enhancing security, and enabling targeted marketing efforts while ensuring compliance with privacy regulations.

TimesTech: Intozi has established collaborations with industry giants like Dell and Intel. How have these partnerships contributed to Intozi’s growth and innovation?

Mr Virender: Our partnerships with industry giants like Dell and Intel have significantly contributed to the company’s growth and innovation. These partnerships provide Intozi with access to cutting-edge technologies, resources, and expertise, enabling the development of advanced AI-driven video analytics solutions.

For instance, Dell’s partnership enhances Intozi’s overall solution by providing Intozi’s applications for server and storage along with AI software. This integration enables Intozi to cater to large verticals with end-to-end solution offerings. Additionally, Dell is working closely with Intozi to develop specialized video AI applications for new verticals like manufacturing,Warehousing and supply chain. Intozi’s strength lies in providing customized video AI analytics applications in minimal time, and when combined with Dell technology, it yields amazing results for end-users.

Similarly, Intel’s expertise in hardware and semiconductor technologies likely enhances Intozi’s platform’s performance and efficiency. These collaborations not only improve the technical capabilities of Intozi’s solutions but also enhance its credibility and reputation in the industry.

Overall, Intozi’s partnerships with industry leaders like Dell and Intel play a crucial role in driving its growth and innovation efforts, enabling the company to remain at the forefront of AI video analytics technology.

TimesTech: How does Intozi’s video analytics technology enhance safety measures in areas like smart cities and traffic management? Can you provide examples of how your solutions have made a difference in improving safety outcomes?

Mr Virender: Intozi’s video analytics technology significantly enhances safety measures in areas like smart cities and traffic management by leveraging AI-driven applications and IoT integration. Firstly, in traffic management, IoT-enabled traffic sensors coupled with AI algorithms allow cities to dynamically adjust signal timings based on real-time vehicle data, minimizing congestion and enhancing road safety. Secondly, in smart parking solutions, AI video analytics enables real-time updates on parking spot availability through ground-based sensors or CCTV cameras, reducing traffic congestion and pollution. AI-powered surveillance systems enhance public safety in law enforcement by identifying individuals and monitoring activities in designated areas, providing data-driven insights to address security threats proactively. Overall, Intozi’s video analytics technology, integrated with AI and IoT, transforms safety measures in smart cities by providing real-time insights and proactive solutions for traffic management, waste management, law enforcement, and energy optimization, ultimately contributing to a safer and more efficient urban environment.

For instance, Intozi’s solutions have significantly improved safety outcomes for Maharashtra’s roads by addressing key challenges faced by the police department. With the implementation of advanced devices backed by AI technology, the Maharashtra police have witnessed remarkable enhancements in traffic management and enforcement. These devices autonomously detect various traffic violations such as speeding, driving without helmets, triple riding, and seat belt non-compliance. By automating the process, the police can efficiently target violators without obstructing normal traffic flow, thereby enhancing road safety. The integration of these devices with the Vahan portal enables automatic generation of E-challans, streamlining the penalty process and ensuring swift enforcement of traffic rules.

Apart from this, the efficiency of manpower utilization has dramatically improved as a single device operator can now penalize a significant number of offenders compared to the manpower-intensive manual methods used previously. Real-time data synchronization and centralized dashboards allow management to access comprehensive insights and make data-driven decisions to further optimize traffic enforcement strategies. Overall, Intozi’s solutions have revolutionized traffic management for the Maharashtra police, leading to a significant reduction in road accidents and ensuring safer roads for citizens across the state.

TimesTech: As the Managing Director, you’ve played a pivotal role in developing the Ikshana Platform. What are the key features that set Ikshana apart in the video analytics marketplace, and how does it benefit both customers and developers?

Mr Virender: Ikshana is Intozi’s enterprise video analytics platform with over 99+ video analytics applications spanning various domains and offers unparalleled versatility to cater to a wide range of use cases. This extensive selection empowers users with the flexibility to choose and deploy any video analytic application according to their specific requirements, providing tailored solutions for diverse needs.

A distinguishing feature of Ikshana is that it enables enterprises to leverage both pre-built video analytics apps and the capability to develop custom applications. This flexibility extends to the integration of major Video Management System (VMS) platforms, ensuring seamless compatibility and ease of implementation.

Its Zero Coding Custom AI Model training helps simplify the process of developing new applications by allowing users to train AI models on their own datasets. This empowers developers to create bespoke solutions aligned precisely with their use cases without requiring extensive programming expertise. Apart from this, Ikshana offers dynamic VA Apps and Stream Source Binding, facilitating real-time adaptation and optimization of video analytics processes. Its integration with multiple databases enhances data management capabilities, ensuring comprehensive insights and analysis.

For customers, Ikshana’s diverse range of applications addresses various needs across multiple verticals, including safety and security, road traffic analytics, and EHS-related analytics. From face recognition systems to crowd behaviour analysis and defect identification, Ikshana provides comprehensive solutions for enhancing operational efficiency and safety protocols.

TimesTech: Looking forward, what are Intozi’s plans for future growth and innovation? How do you envision Intozi continuing to shape the landscape of AI video analytics and contribute to industry transformation?

Mr Virender: Our journey has been marked by remarkable growth and a relentless pursuit of innovation in the realm of AI video analytics. What initially began as a solution for a specific use case has evolved into a comprehensive suite of video analytics solutions deployed across various industries and verticals. As we look to the future, our commitment is to continue this trajectory, shaping the landscape of AI video analytics and driving industry transformation. Recent evolution of next gen technologies and higher acceptance rate of these new technologies has opened the doors for new innovations for Intozi and the pace for innovation is going to increase in near future.

Our journey has been punctuated by significant milestones, such as delivering our first major project to the Maharashtra Traffic Police. Over the past five years, our solutions have played a pivotal role in enhancing the operations of the Traffic Police, underscoring the reliability and efficacy of our offerings.

Additionally, the production of edge devices signifies our dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and catering to the evolving needs of our clients.

Our relentless focus on research and development has led to the introduction of next-gen solutions for safety and security, such as Safety Helmet Detection, Safety Jacket Detection, and Smoke and Fire Detection. These innovations have garnered recognition from industry leaders and are widely adopted in safety-critical industries like oil refineries and manufacturing.

Looking ahead, our vision is to further expand our offerings through India’s first-of-its-kind video analytics platform, Ikshana. By consolidating various video analytics solutions under a single umbrella, we aim to provide clients with a comprehensive and streamlined approach to leveraging AI for their operations.

As we continue to grow and innovate, we remain committed to driving positive change through technology and shaping the future of AI video analytics.