IoT Platform solutions for Business Continuity Planning


Coronavirus (COVID- 19) has triggered the world’s largest work-from-home experiment. Employers look forward to opt for this option to stave off a crisis while keeping employees safe. In order to ensure uninterrupted services to their customers and achieve maximum business continuity, organizations are ramping up their remote asset management capabilities. Remote Asset management has traditionally been the forte of IT Asset management. However this trend is set to change as more and more non-IT assets in industries, commercial and residential buildings and remote locations are being monitored and managed in the cloud. Adopting remote management plays a key role in sustaining business in the current and future business context.  

“IOT based Remote asset monitoring and planned maintenance solutions has helped our clients to have centralized and unified view of their business operations and visibility into asset performance and health. This is a great enabler for senior management to have continuous monitoring of operations while enabling efficient and optimized remote management for operations personnel”, says Karen Ravindranath, Director – WebNMS.