Ishan Tech Spearheads Telecom Innovation Through AI and Data Analytics


Ishan Technologies, under the visionary leadership of Mr. Pinkesh Kotecha, is driving groundbreaking innovation in the Telecom sector by harnessing the power of AI and Big Data Analytics. The strategic integration of these technologies is reshaping the industry landscape, enabling proactive identification of network bottlenecks and refining user experiences. The company’s commitment to data security, successful project implementations in Smart Cities, and its tailored solutions approach position Ishan Technologies as a frontrunner in leveraging technology for transformative impact.

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TimesTech: How is Ishan Technologies leveraging AI and Big Data Analytics to drive innovation in Telecom?

Mr. Pinkesh: In the rapidly evolving Telecom landscape, the integration of AI and Big Data Analytics is reshaping the industry paradigm, and Ishan Technologies stands at the forefront of this transformative wave. By strategically leveraging AI and Big Data Analytics, the Telecom sector is poised for remarkable innovation. AI’s predictive capabilities are instrumental in proactively identifying network bottlenecks, thereby ensuring seamless connectivity for end-users. Simultaneously, the knowledge extracted from advanced data analysis empowers Telecom stakeholders to refine network performance, elevate user experiences, and make well-informed business judgments.

TimesTech: In light of IBM’s recent data breach report, how does Ishan ensure robust data security? 

Mr. Pinkesh: Given IBM’s recent data breach report highlighting rising costs and frequency of data breaches in India, Ishan Technologies remains steadfast in enhancing data security. Recognizing the varying dynamics of businesses and their unique security needs, Ishan adopts a strategic approach that leverages our core strength – service offerings customised to the needs of our customers. This is particularly significant as different businesses possess distinct resources, risk profiles, and operational intricacies.

At Ishan, we adopt a holistic perspective that aligns with the best interests of our stakeholders. While we acknowledge the potential impact of incidents, our focus is on bolstering our security infrastructure and enhancing investments in safeguarding our clients’ sensitive data.

TimesTech: Could you discuss the importance of local data storage for data privacy and security?

Mr. Pinkesh: In our digitized landscape, where data serves as the lifeblood of modern operations and interactions. The Indian government’s proactive approach to local data storage demonstrates a strategic effort to protect sensitive information from external entities, ensuring data sovereignty and security.

Data stored within the boundaries of a nation is subject to its stringent data protection laws, making it significantly less susceptible to breaches and unauthorized access. Local data storage also enables data security measures as required by the business.

In light of the new Digital Personal Data Protection Bill, 2023, there has been much talk about the several advantages and drawbacks of Data Localization. On the positive side, it can help mitigate jurisdictional issues, ensuring that data falls under the legal framework of the hosting country. This can be particularly important for supporting local law enforcement in cases of cyber fraud or other illegal activities. 

However, data localization also comes with challenges. Firstly, there are cyber laws in some regions that prevent or limit data localization, creating complexities for multinational companies. Moreover, the cost and efficiency of maintaining data sites can be a concern. Additionally, while data localization may provide a sense of security, it’s essential to recognize that it doesn’t inherently protect data from breaches or cyber threats. The applicability of legal frameworks may differ for data residing outside national borders, and a false sense of security can be risky. Finding the right balance between data localization and international data management is crucial for businesses in today’s interconnected world.

TimesTech: What challenges do cross-border data transfers pose for businesses, and how can they be addressed? 

Mr. Pinkesh: Crossing the boundaries of data between different countries presents businesses with a complex array of challenges. The process involves navigating a web of diverse data protection laws and ensuring adherence to regulations spanning various jurisdictions, necessitating a rigorous legal assessment. Additionally, there exists a tangible security risk like cyber-attacks, as data becomes vulnerable during its journey across borders. 

To address this issue, a delicate equilibrium must be struck between the distinct cultural norms and ethical considerations that prevail in different regions. Having a trusted local partner can help companies leverage countries to facilitate their data storage. They will be best positioned to navigate through jurisdictional variations, local privacy laws that can potentially impede operational efficiency.

TimesTech: Tell us about Ishan’s expansion plans across India and its unique offerings.

Mr. Pinkesh: Ishan Technologies’ expansion plans across India stem from a strategic vision that capitalizes on our distinctive strengths and offerings. Our commitment revolves around extending our reach to underserved regions, ensuring the proliferation of innovative IT and Telecom solutions across diverse businesses and communities nationwide. We are currently in discussions with global partners, particularly hyper scaler global partners, as we aim to expand our operations and move into SAARC and APAC countries within the next five years.

Our competitive edge lies in tailored solutions. From connectivity to security to data centre services and system integration, our offerings are seamlessly aligned with client’s end-to-end unique needs. We are a Category A licensed ISP from the Department of Telecommunications which enables us to deliver dependable, high-quality internet services pan-India. Anchored by an expansive dark fiber network spanning over 4500+ km, we offer high-speed connectivity even to the remotest corners of the country. With our pan-India coverage, we effectively bridge businesses to the digital realm.

Our Network Services division’s remarkable growth of 30% in the past year, mirroring our robust YoY revenue increase averaging 46.85% over three years. As we set sights on the upcoming financial year, Ishan Technologies is poised to amplify its achievements, building on a legacy of excellence in providing steadfast technology solutions to clients.

TimesTech: What’s your visionary outlook on the future of India’s ICT sector?

Mr. Pinkesh: The future of India’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector holds immense promise, driven by a convergence of factors that are poised to reshape the sector. A recent report by International Trade Administration, the Indian ICT market to burgeon to $1 trillion by 2025, underlining the sector’s potential for exponential growth and highlighting its pivotal role in the global digital landscape.

Additionally, the Indian government’s strategic initiatives are poised to propel the nation’s ICT sector into a transformative era. Anchored by the ambitious Digital India campaign, these efforts encompass groundbreaking projects such as BharatNet, which seeks to bridge the digital divide by providing high-speed internet connectivity to rural areas. The focus on 5G technology, coupled with robust policies for cloud adoption and AI integration, promises to unlock unprecedented avenues for innovation, economic growth, and enhanced citizen services. These holistic initiatives show how India’s ICT sector is playing a key role in fostering a digitally empowered society, where technological advancements are harnessed to bridge gaps, drive efficiencies, and catalyze India’s leap into the digital age.

TimesTech: Could you share a success story where Ishan Technologies transformed connectivity for a city or organization?

Mr. Pinkesh:

Mementos by ITC Ekaaya

Ishan Technologies was instrumental in the successful implementation of the entire digital infrastructure spanning over 30 acres at Mementos by ITC Ekaaya, Udaipur. We delivered solutions for ELV, data networks, WiFi, and CCTV, all of which were vital elements in ensuring an exceptional guest experience.

Surat Smart City Project: 

Ishan Technologies was at the forefront of the Surat Smart City project, working diligently to transform the city’s digital landscape. The scope covered everything from the creation of POP locations to laying and installing optical fiber cables throughout Surat.

We provided OFC and MPLS bandwidth at numerous strategic locations, including over 250 BRTS bus stops. Additionally, our expertise extended to provisioning internet lease lines at various hubs and data centers, ensuring seamless connectivity across 800 locations. This project enhanced the digital infrastructure and connectivity in Surat.

Rajkot Smart City Project: Ishan Technologies successfully executed key aspects of the Rajkot Smart City Project – the Smart Eye-way Project, where our scope of work encompassed the design and construction of an integrated command control center, installation of essential data center components including servers, storage, racks, and UPS, as well as the setup of multiple WAN Nodes across the city to accommodate surveillance systems.

Our team was instrumental in implementing several Wireless Access Points (AP’s) and deploying IP Cameras, ensuring robust surveillance and Wi-Fi connectivity infrastructure across Rajkot. The project presented various avenues for Rajkot city administration to monetize through duct leasing, smart pole installations, 4G/5G hosting, point-to-point dark fibre leasing, and data off-loading. This collaboration marked a significant stride towards enhancing urban living, reinforcing our commitment to leveraging technology for smarter and safer cities.