Kerlink and Actility team up for integrated LoRaWAN products, redefining IoT connectivity


Kerlink, an international specialist in solutions dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT), and Actility, a recognized global leader in low-power industrial IoT connectivity solutions, announced a strategic partnership that builds on complementary strengths of their products and supports a plug-and-play, edge computing LoRaWAN ecosystem in a single solution.

Under the partnership, Kerlink’s Wirnet iFemtoCell and Wirnet iStation gateway suite, which combines a LoRaWAN plug-and-play edge solution and lifetime-guaranteed gateways, is integrated with Actility’s ThingPark All-in-One (TAO) platform that enables deployment and operation of Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) within a unified, scalable and versatile infrastructure. In addition to adding value to Kerlink’s gateway offer, it increases Actility’s ability to penetrate small private-network markets and propose cloud-based extensions.

The enhanced solution includes a LoRaWAN Network Server (LNS), payload decoders and application connectors in a single device, facilitating easy deployment of LoRaWAN networks for IoT applications.

Leveraging LoRaWAN’s long-range, low-power capabilities, a practical use case is in industrial asset management, where TAO enables predictive maintenance by monitoring machinery through vibration sensors. This setup helps identify potential failures early, significantly reducing downtime and maintenance costs. In addition, customers can start with TAO to evaluate the technology and later migrate into more scalable solutions with multiple Kerlink gateways managed by a centralized Actility LNS.

Future-Proof IoT

The two French LoRaWAN pioneers say their alignment will deliver a “comprehensive, future-proof solution for businesses aiming to leverage LoRaWAN for connectivity and innovation.” It also will lower network deployment barriers and costs for end customers across various sectors by enabling efficient, scalable IoT applications. In the process, it will position each company more competitively in the LoRaWAN space with a forward-looking approach to IoT deployments that emphasizes ease of use, operational efficiency and the ability to readily adapt to future technological advancements.

“Through our collaboration with Kerlink, we’re not just integrating robust and reliable technologies,” Actility CEO Olivier Hersent said. “Our companies are crafting a new paradigm for IoT connectivity, enabling seamless scaling from single gateways to large multisite deployments. This is a leap forward on the road to future-proof IoT, where simplicity meets versatility, empowering our customers to transform data into actionable insights with unparalleled ease.”

“Partnering with Actility, a recognized leader in the LNS sector, underscores Kerlink’s strategic shift based on collaborations with other IoT champions,” said Yann Bauduin, Kerlink’s chief sales officer. “This step enhances the value of Kerlink’s robust and lifetime-guaranteed gateways and delivers to customers a complete and easy-to-operate solution with an edge-computing approach.”

“For Actility, this collaboration leverages Kerlink’s deep expertise in building LoRaWAN radio network products and signifies a strategic enhancement of our company’s product offerings and market position,” Olivier Hersent said. “The good news for customers is it promises to lower deployment barriers and costs across various sectors by enabling efficient, scalable IoT applications.”