Know-How Infineon Links Digital to the Real World at EW Nuremberg 2022


Munich, Germany – Infineon Technologies AG today announced plans to highlight how it links the real to the digital world by enabling smart and connected applications at Embedded World 2022 in Nuremberg. A prerequisite for unlocking the potential of the IoT and decarbonization. The company will showcase a variety of smart IoT applications in sectors including smart building and homes, smart factories and smart mobility, along with its latest software and tools for system builders and makers working across the electronics industry.

With its motto “Building new Connections” Infineon is looking forward to greeting customers in person again this year. Located at hall 4a (booth 138), the company’s booth will include several focus areas:

  • Smart home and smart buildings. With its mission to make life easier, safer and greener, Infineon’s broad portfolio of IoT solutions help companies offer consumers more comfortable, safe and energy-efficient homes and buildings, by using the company’s latest microcontroller, sensor, security and connectivity solutions.
  • Smart mobility. As a leader in automotive solutions, the company is focused on making smart cars a reality using proven automotive-grade microcontrollers, connectivity, security and sensor technologies. The company’s microelectronics play a critical role in delivering zero emissions vehicles that are smart, connected, safe and dependable.
  • Smart factory. Empowering the smart factory with semiconductors, Infineon is at the core of shaping industry 4.0, also known as industrial IoT. By enabling the smart factory, Infineon is helping to make manufacturing enterprises environmentally sustainable and achieve superior operational efficiency.
  • Infineon4makers. Driven by the passion of Makers, hobbyist, students and technology enthusiasts, Infineon offers the right tools, services, kits, shields & boards for any project idea—from lab to fab. Supported by Infineon experts and a robust developer ecosystem and community, the company helps find the perfect path to turn ideas into solutions.
  • Software and tools. Infineon’s proven development platforms gives product designers a major advantage by presenting them all the tools at their fingertips while covering the full IoT spectrum—from sensing and connecting, to computing and securing.

Customers can also sign up for the virtual booth.

Infineon’s Division President of the Connected Secure Solutions Division, Thomas Rosteck, will be presenting “Innovating IoT at the Edge: Connected, AI-enabled and Secure” on Tuesday, June 21 @ 1:45 pm CEST. The presentation will provide details on how connectivity, security and artificial intelligence (AI) are the backbone for the future of IoT. Additional conference presentations include:

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

  • “Embedded Cloud Services” at 10:00 CEST, presented by Josef Pauli. This workshop will teach the audience how to build their own embedded cloud application based on the Infineon PSoC™ 65 standard secured AWS microcontroller.
  • “The Matter Standard Secures the Smart Home” at 11:00 am CEST, presented by Steve Hanna. This presentation will discuss how the Matter standard will enable seamless, agnostic interoperability with strong security and privacy protection for smart home applications.
  • “Enhanced Automotive Security and Interoperability with TPM 2.0 in an AUTOSAR Compliant Microcontroller System” at 12:00 pm CEST, presented by Florian Schreiner. This presentation will discuss how the TPM 2.0 standards are integrated into the Automotive Open System Architecture (AUTOSAR) architecture, relative to the security functionality of the TPM library specification and TSS host-software (TPM Software Stack).
  • “eSIM M2M or Consumer – How to Select the Right eSIM Solution for your Application?” at 1:45 pm CEST, presented by Oliver Carron. This presentation will highlight the differences between M2M and Consumer specifications, and provide guidance on how to pick the right eSIM solution depending on device type, application and business model.

Thursday, June 23, 2022

  • “Bluetooth Mesh: Connecting the Next Wave of IoT Technology” at 2:15 pm CEST, presented by David Egan. This presentation will talk in detail about the new Bluetooth Mesh networking standard, compared to other options including Zigbee and Wi-Fi.

Located at Infineon’s booth, the company has set up a comprehensive number of “TechTalks.” The 26 half-hour presentations, starting at every half hour, will cover a broad area of different topics, from software to product, consumer to industry, and maker to professionals. Full details for all Infineon conference talks, technical workshops and TechTalks can be found here.