LANXESS at Asia Pacific Aquaculture (APA) 2019


Thane, 14 June, 2019 – The intensive production and transportation of shrimp from hatchery to nursery and rearing ponds can provide ideal environments in which highly contagious shrimp disease-causing organisms can flourish. Pathogens such as Early Mortality Syndrome (EMS), Luminescent Disease and White Spot Syndrome (WSSv) can rapidly spread throughout entire shrimp farm populations, resulting in poor growth, high mortality rates and potentially serve revenue losses.

Specialty chemicals company, LANXESS, offers shrimp producers two unique disinfectant formulations, Virkon DTOX and Virkon AQUATIC, both scientifically developed to address and meet the viral, bacterial and fungal pathogen control needs of a modern, intensified shrimp production.

Virkon – the science to kill pathogens

Virkon DTOX has been specifically developed to address disease challenges that can occur during post-larvae (PL) transportation.  It can be applied directly into water reservoir tanks and shrimp PL transportation bags to help control pathogen pressure, whilst having no toxicological effect on the shrimp PL themselves.

Virkon AQUATIC is a synergistic and balanced mix of ingredients scientifically formulated to achieve rapid maximum pathogen killing power while having no negative toxicological effect on the ecosystem of the rearing pond or shrimp themselves.

With proven efficacy against the most important viruses and bacteria that threaten modern shrimp production today, Virkon AQAUTIC has been proven to rapidly knock-down and control pathogen pressure, reduce the rate of infection spread within shrimp populations and reduce the risk of diseases spreading to adjacent ponds.

“When a shrimp farmer is faced with a highly contagious disease which rapidly spreads throughout and kills shrimp farm populations, at any stage of the production cycle, their entire investment can be lost”. Grin Swangdacharuk, APAC Aquaculture Technical Marketing Manager in the Material Protection Products business unit (MPP) at LANXESS, explains. “It is therefore essential to prevent, contain and control the spread of disease-causing pathogens as effectively and quickly as possible via implementation of biosecurity best practice protocols and the use of disinfectants with proven broad spectrum efficacy against shrimp disease-causing pathogens” adds Swangdacharuk.

Visit LANXESS at Asia Pacific Aquaculture (APA) 2019, Chennai Central Trade, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, stand 60-63, June 19-21, 2019 for further information and advice.

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