LEDCHIP Indus Introduced UVC LEDs 265-275nm


15 July, 2020 – UVC LEDs 265-275nm from LEDCHIP Indus are the most widely used Germicidal LEDs in growing Indian market for Disinfection Systems. UVC LEDs are ideal for Compact or Portable or Low Voltage UVC Sterilizing Appliances.

275nm LEDs are have 30% higher lethal effect than 254nm Tubes in Sterilization and Disinfection of Bacteria including the fight against COVID 19.

The UVC LEDs form the core component of Sterilization Cabinets & Luggage Conveyor Tunnels, Phone & Currency Sanitizers, Handheld Disinfection, Sterilising Robots, Water Purifiers etc.

The KLSL3535UC LEDs emit 10-15mJ/sec at 100mA drive, in 265nm to 275nm band, in 3535 package. A Deep Ultra Violet Dosage of 750-900 milli Joules can be generated by each LED. A lethal Dosage of 0.6mJ/cm2 to 10mJ/cm2 is essential to inactivate most Pathogens, Dosage is a function of power (mW) x time ( seconds).

LEDchip Indus produces full range of UVA, UVB, UVC as well as Hi Red and Far Red as well full spectrum LEDs for Specialty Lighting Applications.

For more information please visit at: www.uvcledonline.com