Milestone Marketplace Helps Customers Explore Unmatched Possibilities to Extend their Video Solutions


Times are changing fast and so is the need for using and combining technologies in new ways. With the new edition of Milestone Marketplace, buyers will not only find the complementary hardware andsoftware functionality,but they will also exploresolution services when building best-of-breed video management solutions COVID19 has forced businesses, cities, and entire countries to operate in new ways and increased thedemand for new technologies and digital solutions.

A versatile use of video solutions that can beexpanded withmore functionalities help companies thrive when the world changes, whether the need isto ensure public safety, secureaccess to buildings, or check adherence to social distancing rules. Milestone Marketplace is empowering businesses to explore theunmatched possibilities ofvideo solutions, relevant to companies looking for a new video solution and for existing users of Milestone XProtect looking to enhance the solution’s functionality.

In addition to verified hardware and software, the new release of Milestone Marketplace also holds solution serviceswith a total of more than 500 options to choose from. The global digital platform includes powerful technologies, like artificial intelligence, augmented reality, video analytics, GIS and GPS along with combined solutions tailormade to meet several business challenges. The partners behind this are all part of the Milestone Community, ready to help businesses use video solutions to solve new challenges.

Explore, connect, deploy Milestone Marketplace allows buyers access to a vast catalog of Milestone Systems XProtect-compatible software, hardware and solution services, as well as recommendations and guidance on how to solve specific challenges. Moreover, buyers can filter through a network of trusted Milestone integration partners to find the best fit for their business across the globe. Customer cases, documentation, implementation guides and demos are just some of the elements made available by the partners using Milestone Marketplace to allow customersto explore solutions available to them. “Since we first introduced Milestone Marketplace in 2019, we’ve been working to extend the experience for both customers and partners when searching for and creating XProtect-compatible solutions. With this version we’ve onboarded integrators as a new partner type, improved the search functionality, and added use categories to name but a few, all with the aim to offer a future-proof platform open to integrating with innovation from around the world,” says Kenneth Hune Petersen,Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at Milestone Systems.

 “Marketplace is primarily a connection platform to help end-users make the most of their XProtect investment. Through it, our customers in India can now connect directly with Milestone partners and seek their advice and expertise on different challenges, use cases, and technology. Being an open ecosystem it helps our customers with flexibility and future proofing, and the collaborative nature of Milestone Marketplace means new use cases can be explored and deployed in partnership with Milestone and other members,” says Ritesh DeokarCountry ManagerIndia SAARC at Milestone Systems Find out more about Milestone Marketplace and how it can help navigate through the endless possibilities of video management technology to address the challenges in an everchanging world.