MOKiN launched The First Ultra-low Latency Wireless Display Transmitter with USB-C Hub


SHENZHEN, China, 22 Feb, 2020 – MOKIN launched first Ultra-Latency Wireless Display Transmitter, unlike other wireless devices on the market, transmits data in real time at minimum delay.

Compact Design and Consumer Friendly Device: The MOKiN wireless transmitter saves your time and effort, when you want your memories to be shared on a big screen. Just plug the computer in and everybody’s ready. Any other programs or apps need to be downloaded and then sometimes think with upgrading them. Any settings are necessary to set it up at all. It’s very lightweight design and can fit comfortably into your pocket.

A companion for USB-C Hub: The MOKiN Wireless Transmitter has its strong reliability. It can be attached in the future to all USB-C devices. With MOKiN Wireless Transmitter all your cool gadgets are now open. It is also fitted with a mouse, printer, hard drive, keyboard and headphone port etc. Your paired MICRO SD-Card makes your plans far smoother.

How It’s Different

Low Latency- Smooth Display: The struggle is apparent if your wireless connection is not smooth and doesn’t appear roughly in real time. Previous wireless display transmitters had an 80ms latency, but all of these became redundant by the MOKiN wireless transmitter. This provides a much more seamless view with a delay of about 50 m. The super-low latency allows downloading without interruption.

Hassle-Free Longer Wireless Sharing: MOKiN has a 10-meter wireless transfer range so you can easily walk and perform with confidence in a conference room. Share your PPT presentations, papers, picture galleries, new video content, a cool new game with which you have your hands, or just some good music, that will not hamper the gap.

The best thing is that it can simultaneously have two kinds of connections. You can use your HDMI port and a VGA port to search and download while partaking your cell phone. Save your time and improve your monitor quality and function with MOKiN wireless transmitter.

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