MORNSUN: A One-Stop Power Supply Solutions Manufacturer


MORNSUN has grown into a leading verticle power supply manufacturer. TimesTech spoke with Basavaraj Sankanatti, Sr. Manager- Sales & Marketing, MORNSUN at Electronica India Expo 2022 to learn more about MORNSUN expertise, new products and much more.

Read the edited excerpts from the interview here:

TimesTech: Tell us about MORNSUN’s journey and its core expertise.  

Basavaraj: Mornson is a more than 2 decades old company and we have more than a thousand varieties of products in the power supply segments. We have discrete-level solutions as well. When it comes to DC-DC, we are Global number one in terms of revenue in the industrial market. I can proudly say that we are the sole manufacturer in the world who got 45 SMT lines of our own. In DC-DC we have from quarter-watt to 400-watt power supply and in AC-DC we have 1-watt to 1500-watt power supplies.

In India, our growth rate is more than 50% and globally our revenue is growing at more than 35 percent year-on-year.

TimesTech: What are the products that you are highlighting in this expo?

Basavaraj: In this Expo, we are majorly highlighting SMPS as well as some AC-DC power supplies and DC-DC power supplies. We are showcasing our new product ranges of rail power supplies as well as a 1500-watt power supply which is under the last stage of testing in our manufacturing setup.

TimesTech: Across the world, companies are facing seeing a shortage of semiconductors. How does MORNSUN is trying to minimize the lead time for its customers?

Basavaraj: When it comes to lead time, we have the upper hand over any competition even in the discrete level solution because we own 45 SMT lines and we have a very good manufacturing setup for the IC level solutions as well. As with everyone we face some issues with discrete levels solutions like getting the raw materials from suppliers although I can say that our lead time is far better than others. We are committing 10 weeks of lead time and sometimes we do it in six weeks. We are not making money on this by supporting customers. We are not asking for a premium price and we don’t increase the price here and there.

My competition may not be visiting the customer but I do visit personally to understand my customers’ issues and we try to resolve them. This is how we service our customers.

TimesTech: What are some MORNSUN products which cater to the Electric Vehicle segment?

Basavaraj: In electric vehicles, there are two segments- one is on the vehicle and the other is off the vehicle. For off the vehicle, in the control sections, we have solutions for AC-DC and DC-DC power supply which will be used in the discrete level solutions and other peripheral circuits. Apart from that, there has to be a control section to control and a communication section to communicate from the charger to the vehicle, we have a solution for that as well. We are supporting many two-wheelers, three-wheelers, and four-wheelers. Our products are going in the motor control section as well as in the BMS. That is one of the big applications.

TimesTech: What is MORNSUN’s plan moving forward?

Basavaraj:  Right now, if we talk about the global applications where most of the product flows will happen is: 5G, EVs and Renewable Energy. We already have great products in renewable energy and in EVs, we have the SMPS, discrete-level solutions as well as modular-level solutions. For telecom, now we have released new products for 5G base stations and communication stations as well. We have launched from 6-watt to 400-watt DC-DC power supply, especially for Railway, which is recognized by DOSA. DOSA is a certification that says it should be pin-to-pin compatible with the competition as well as it should be in the brick type. We are having those products as well. We are coming with three-phase SMPS and higher Wattage for other peripherals.