Mtel Partners With Optiva for Charging Engine on New Cloud Platform


Mtel Banja Luka, a leading provider of digital services and telecommunications solutions to over two million customers in Bosnia and Herzegovina and a member of the Telekom Srbija Group, signed an agreement for a private-cloud upgrade and multi-year support renewal with Optiva. Mtel will deploy Optiva Charging Engine to harness the advanced operational capabilities and agile service creation element of Optiva’s new cloud-native platform.

The transition to the new cloud platform and renewed Optiva support services will empower Mtel to drive modernization, operational automation and lower its total cost of ownership (TCO). The Optiva cloud platform affords Mtel a smooth and seamless upgrade, addressing any migration risk to the ongoing business operations and simplifying Mtel architecture and ongoing management of operations. 

“The technical transformation Mtel is experiencing places a high priority on increasing business — not just ensuring our equipment works. We intend to be a monetization engine, equipping our marketing and business teams with robust tools to remain competitive and provide advanced, digital services to consumers and enterprises. Optiva is a trusted partner that will enhance our ability to rapidly respond to new market demands with its feature-rich solution and services,” said Marko Lopičić, CEO of Mtel Banja Luka.

Mtel will benefit from accelerated time to resolution (TTR) and access to more than 100 out-of-the-box product feature use cases, which will further differentiate its unique, high-quality customer experience. The multi-year support agreement and end-to-end solution, for which Optiva provides complete operational support, enable Mtel to focus on its goals and accelerate its long-term growth and business success. This includes expansion into new market segments by leveraging the easy to integrate, real-time, any-play convergent charging platform with unprecedented scalability. Mtel will also leverage the open architecture to introduce third-party solutions into its service portfolio, and the standardized plug-and-play APIs will create a true revenue-generating partner ecosystem for increasing monetization opportunities.

“We are proud to have partnered with Mtel since 2005, and I am grateful for the trust they have placed in us to take the next step on the journey together to capture the transformational business and operational opportunities of cloud innovation. By deploying our mission-critical, cloud-native BSS on its private cloud, Mtel will increase its capability to innovate quickly, thereby accelerating its business velocity and success in bringing to market new use cases that fully leverage its next-gen BSS capabilities,” said John Giere, President and CEO of Optiva.