NBA Hall of Fame Center, Solar Evangelist Bill Walton Teaming Up With Stellar Solar

The San Diego native and resident who powers his home and electric cars with solar will work with Stellar Solar to spread the solar word to homeowners


SAN DIEGO, Aug. 7, 2020 – Stellar Solar, one of San Diego’s most experienced residential and commercial installers since 1998, has teamed up with NBA Hall of Fame Center, solar advocate and San Diego native and resident Bill Walton to educate San Diego homeowners who have not gone solar on the economic benefits it can provide and inspire them to get a virtual solar quote to gauge what the solar potential of their home is, and how much money they can save every month.  

Stellar Solar Vice President of Marketing David Boylan, who connected with Walton to make this partnership happen, loved the fact that besides Walton’s athletic accomplishments he is as well known for his interests in philanthropy, music and the environment as he is in sports where he still provides color commentary for Pac-12 basketball games. “From the minute I met Bill his energy and passion for solar was obvious and clearly not some front he was putting on for an endorsement deal. This is as good a fit of product and endorser as it gets, especially given his connection to San Diego and his firm belief that solar should be on as many roofs as possible.  He is a true solar evangelist and I feel that he will raise the awareness of the entire industry in San Diego and we are stoked to be a conduit for that. Being selected by Bill was also a validation of the way Stellar Solar does business, our people, and our consistently winning San Diego’s Best Solar in the Union Tribune Readers Poll.  We are excited to work with him and have his voice amplify our message and feel that we have earned the right to be considered by homeowners when they are ready to go solar.”

Walton’s choice to work with Stellar Solar was a “no-brainer” as he put it. “I’ve known of Stellar’s sustained excellence and success for years, including their incredible streak of winning San Diego’s Best seven of the past nine years and three years in a row.  Stellar is synonymous with all the things I believe in, stand for and try to live every day. Stellar’s standing in our community, their customer reviews, and the quality and authenticity of their people, product, style, and culture fit seamlessly and perfectly with who I am, what I want to do, and where I want to go in my life. I’m about people, passion, and purpose. I am a team-first guy. We are only as good as our teammates. I want to be the best, and work with the best. Stellar Solar is stellar across the board on all fronts. Stellar Solar has a tremendous team – the type of team that I dream of being a part of. Stellar represents the conquest of substance, quality and achievement over hype and gimmicks.  They are about collaborating, empowerment, enabling, and educating our community about the value, sensibility, importance, and superior economics of solar energy. I am proud, honored and grateful to be a part of such a special team. Stellar Solar – this is a cosmic harmonic convergence of the highest order. And what a spectacular platform for me to become stellar, and to power success in every aspect of my life.” 

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