NEC to Design Clearing House Systems in Dhaka, Bangladesh


NEC announced it received an order to design clearing house systems in support of integrating transport fare collection systems under the “Project for Establishment of Clearing House for Integrating Transport Ticketing System in Dhaka City Area (Phase II),” a technical cooperation project conducted by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and awarded to Katahira and Engineers International (KEI) and the Japan Development Institute. This order was placed with NEC by KEI and is expected to contribute to the convenience of passengers by enabling the use of common IC cards for transportation systems in Dhaka City, including the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system currently under construction.

In October 2014, NEC and KEI received a joint order for Phase 1 of the same project from JICA, and contributed to the implementation of a transport fare collection system (Clearing House System) that allows public bus systems in Dhaka City to be used with a common IC card.

In order to make common IC cards available not only for city buses but also for the MRT6 Line, which is scheduled to open partially in December 2021, the clearing house must support both the bus and the MRT fare collection systems. NEC will take advantage of its Phase 1 experience and know-how spanning many project achievements to develop a standardized system design for this common use. The MRT6 Line is a 20km-long project that is expected to carry 480,000 passengers each day once opened.

Going forward, NEC will continue to contribute to the development of safe, secure, and efficient transportation infrastructure under the NEC Safer Cities initiative, taking advantage of its track record in providing intelligent transport operation and management systems in leading markets that include Hong Kong, Singapore, India and others.