New Updates on Use of Mobile Networks in War in Ukraine


Stockholm, Sweden- Mobile networks have been critical since Day 1 of the war in Ukraine. February 24 marks the one year anniversary of the invasion. Enea AdaptiveMobile Security CTO Cathal Mc Daid consolidates the key insights for the mobile industry. Further, on the modern face of hybrid warfare. Enea AdaptiveMobile Security experts have analysed and documented how Russia and Ukraine are leveraging nearly every aspect of mobile. These range from spectrum to roaming agreements to signaling core network interfaces. Moreover, they were used to both attack and defend throughout the first year of the conflict .

At Mobile World Congress 2023 in Barcelona,  Mc Daid will present the latest findings. The findings are from the pioneering analysis of the Ukraine war and look ahead to what we may expect next:
  • The history of mobile networks in conflicts, with a focus on their use in Ukraine.
  • Insights into the use of location tracking and how this is used as a tool in hybrid warfare.
  • What the future of this conflict could look like and the expected real-world consequences.
  • Recommendations for how mobile operators and countries around the world can learn from the Ukraine conflict. This is to help build in resilience and security into their own societies.

Mc Daid will present the findings at “The Mobile Network Battlefield – Recognizing the role of telecoms during conflict,” at the inaugural SEC CON Summit. It will be held at MWC Barcelona on March 2 from 9:30 am to 11 am in the Ministerial Stage, CC5, Upper Walkway.

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“The denial of much of the utility of the mobile networks to invaders has helped shape this war,” Mc Daid said. The invasion of Ukraine was the first time in world history. A country blocked all mobile devices from neighbouring countries with which it had roaming agreements. This, amongst a host of other unprecedented moves from the Ukrainian telecom community, highlights the pivotal role of the mobile networks battlefield in modern warfare. 

“Virtually every aspect of mobile technology — from spectrum to SIMs — has been weaponized, ” Mc Daid said. “Mobile operators, telecom regulators, defense departments, standards bodies and other organizations around the world need to study and learn from every aspect of how Russian and Ukraine are using mobile technology in this war because this is the new digital front in modern warfare.”

Further, Cathal Mc Daid along with other Enea mobile networks experts will be sharing their insights on mobile critical national infrastructure security at MWC, booth 2L10 – hall 2. 

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