New Yorker Electronics Offering N2Power Solutions’ “Optimized Power Systems Manufacturing”

Plan Covers AC-DC, DC-DC and Enclosed Power Supply Solutions for Critical Medical Systems, Broadcasting, Transportation, Lighting, Test Equipment and Others


APRIL 25, 2019 – New Yorker Electronics is rolling out N2Power Solutions’ new Optimized Power Systems Manufacturing (OPSM). With an eye toward providing increased value to the manufacturing process for its customers, N2Power will now deliver on any power supply for an application – plus build the subassembly.

N2Power is a leading designer and manufacturer of high efficiency, ultra-small, power-dense open-frame switching power supplies. Its environment-friendly designs reduce energy consumption, generate less waste heat – yielding decreased AC loads and increased reliability, while lowering operating costs.

Whereas N2Power has always provided modifications to its standard power supplies to meet customer need, OPSM ensures improved performance of the N2 units without the need to change build requirements.

Instead of a customer having to take an off-the-shelf unit and design the metalwork upon which to build up all the individual parts from scratch, OPSM allows N2Power and franchise distributor New Yorker Electronics to now supply a complete end solution. This reduces assembly time, decreases BOM and simplifies the entire process by turning cluttered line items into just one line item.

This means N2Power customers, such as OEMs, receive complete custom power assemblies without having to purchase mounting brackets, nuts, bolts, stand-offs, screws, cables, connectors, external fans or other accessories.

N2Power Product Features & Benefits:

  • Green by design – many supplies achieve up to 93% efficiency
  • Some designs offer active current sharing and an OR’ing diode for redundancy
  • Single and multi-output models
  • I2C (PMBus) interface for digital power management
  • Remote on/off

N2Power Product Applications:

  • Medical
  • Lighting/LED
  • Information Technology
  • Transportation
  • Broadcasting
  • Industrial
  • Kiosk
  • Gaming
  • Test Equipment

More Info: N2Power Power Solutions Product Catalog