New Yorker Electronics Released Gaming PSUs from N2Power for Electronic Gaming

As Casino Gaming Resumes, Power Supply Units will be a Large Part of their Successful Return


NORTHVALE, New Jersey, USA – New Yorker Electronics has released gaming PSUs from N2Power at a time when the electronic gaming industry is going ‘all in’ on a healthy recovery. Electronic casino gaming in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, on cruise ships and other places is reemerging from the pandemic and there is probably not a single casino aficionado who hasn’t either made or is making plans to return.

Because casinos will be so reliant on slots and other electronic games machines (EGMs), machine downtime will be a major concern. And, ironically, as the gaming industry reawakens from COVID-19 shutdowns, it will have even less of an appetite for risk. As a leading global power supply manufacturer, N2Power supplies the gaming industry – for slot machines, video poker, video blackjack, etc. – with reliable gaming Power Supply Units (PSUs). New Yorker Electronics, a franchise distributor for N2Power, has released several new PSU devices geared toward the gaming market.

N2Power’s XR, XLM and XL series power supplies are small in size and have low power usage, low noise, low MTBF. Value-added features include Integrated IEC connectors, fans, and multiple varieties of plug-and-play connectors to deliver power to the embedded motherboard and LED lights as well as the integrated bill exchangers, card readers, and printers.

As casinos grapple with ways to reduce costs in the face of the sustained dip in patronage caused by the pandemic, gaming machine manufacturers will enhance their products’ value proposition by reexamining critical components like power supplies. N2Power and New Yorker Electronics have expertise in furnishing power solutions for slot machines, lottery terminals, card purchases, ATM machines, tabletop gaming, LED/lighting, and others.

Features & Benefits:

  • Small Size
  • Low Power Usage
  • Low Noise
  • Low MTBF (mean time between failures)


  • Electronic Gaming Machines (EGMs)
  • ITE
  • Medical

As a franchise distributor of N2Power, New Yorker Electronics supplies its full line of AC-DC Power Supply products, DC-DC Power Supplies and Enclosed Power Supplies. This includes N2Power’s Ultra-Small, High-Efficiency Power Supplies including current sharing, remote enabled and medical switching power supplies. Variable frame types include U-Frame, Enclosed, DIN Rail and Open frame. Enclosed versions with fans are also available.

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