New Yorker Electronics Released New Line of High Efficiency 2xMOPP rated N2 Power Medical PSUs

N2Power Solutions Expands Range of Medical-Grade Power Supplies


June 16, 2020 – New Yorker Electronics has released two new series of medical power supplies from N2Power Solutions. The high efficiency 40-watt ML40 and 65-watt ML65 were designed for easy integration into medical devices and both series carry the latest UL/EN 60601 medical certifications.

They are rated 2xMOPP (means of patient protection)—a safety standard that protects patients from shocks by requiring devices have two redundant means of protection that provide isolation for up to 4,000 VAC. They are also mechanically compatible with each other as well as their 100-watt, 2in x 3in big brother, the ML100. The speed with which new equipment can be deployed to the field is the key to responding to new health-care needs and maintaining the steady advancement of treatments. N2Power’s medical series from New Yorker Electronics makes the process of integrating a power supply into a new medical application as fast and simple as possible. The PSUs comprising the medical line have already gone through the rigors of certification and can be added to a new design without having to be reapproved. This means that projects can be taken from design to reality as quickly as possible while avoiding regulatory hurdles.Some companies require lead times in excess of 20 weeks, but N2Power is able to provide power solutions within eight to 10 weeks after receipt of order. Like the rest of our medical PSUs, the ML40 and ML65 can be customized to the client’s specifications without requiring recertification as long as there are no UL critical safety component changes.With physical footprints measuring just six cubic inches and yielding power densities of over six watts and over 10 watts per cubic inch, respectively, the ML40 and ML65 are the perfect size for integration into mobile equipment, where space is at a premium. They are available in a number of chassis configurations—including open-frame, U-frame, enclosed, and DIN rail—further simplifying integration. Both new models offer up to 93.5% power efficiency, which helps prevent heat waste and mitigates the need for cooling fans, making them especially useful for applications like medical ventilators. Their efficiency and low standby power consumption also make them a green choice by minimizing energy usage and therefore your organization’s carbon footprint.Like all N2Power products, the ML40 and ML60 are covered by its best-in-class three-year warranty. N2Power’s Optimized Power Systems Manufacturing (OPSM) capability, also available through New Yorker Electronics, allows the partner companies to provide customers with a simplified purchasing experience by delivering everything the client needs to implement their power solution, including mounting, brackets, nuts, bolts, and other accessories. This makes the entire process easier by reducing the entire bill of materials to a single entry.Like New Yorker Electronics, even throughout this difficult period N2Power has been able to remain operational and is currently manufacturing at capacity. Both companies’ shipping capabilities have also remained unaffected, allowing them to get products to our customers without delay.As a franchise distributor of N2Power, New Yorker Electronics supplies its full line of AC-DC Power Supply products, DC-DC Power Supplies and Enclosed Power Supplies. This includes N2Power’s Ultra-Small, High-Efficiency Power Supplies including current sharing, remote enabled and medical switching power supplies. Variable frame types include U-Frame, Enclosed, DIN Rail and Open frame. Enclosed versions with fans are also available.

N2Power Product Features & Benefits:

  • High efficiency (up to 93.5%)
  • Low standby power consumption (≤ 0.11 W)
  • Wide input-voltage range spans from 85 to 264 VAC
  • Supports DC-DC input voltage from 120 to 370 VDC
  • Convection cooled up to full power—no fan needed
  • Built-in EMI filter

N2Power Product Applications:

  • Ventilators
  • Diagnostics
  • Monitoring
  • Laboratory
  • Home Care

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