New Yorker Release Sumida Automotive Power Inductors Handle High Temps, High Currents

Sumida Surface Mount Automotive Power Inductors Handle High Temperatures, High Currents


NORTHVALE, New Jersey, USA – New Yorker Electronics has announced the release of a new line of Sumida Inductors, designed for temperature, high current, high-insulation voltage and magnetic shielding. The new line of Sumida CDEP13D**/T150 power inductors continue the expansion of its AEC-Q200 qualified SMD inductors, as the new products are an outgrowth of the CDEP15D**/T150 line.

Consisting of ten standard types and ten high-power types, the new devices offer a combination of four key benefits, when compared to many other inductors. These are high temperature, high current, high insulation voltage and magnetic shielding. Inductance values range from 0.8 to 22µH, with saturation current of up to 32 amps. It measures 13.5 x 13.5 x 10 mm, as compared to the 2mm larger CDEP15D**/T150 line, which offers saturation current of up to 50.4µH. For durability, core and windings withstand a voltage of up to 120Vdc.

The full operating temperature range is -40°C to 150°C (including coil’s self-temperature rise) and both product families are qualified to the Automotive AEC-Q200 reliability test requirements. The 150°C temperature satisfies most under-hood automotive application requirements, while the Mn-Zn (Manganese-Zinc) ferrite core has high-magnetic permeability and low power losses at the higher switching frequencies now found in automotive power circuits. High-frequency performance is further enhanced by the application of flat coil windings, which counteract ‘skin-effect,’ and lower DC resistance. Flat-coil windings are also much more space-efficient than round-wire coils, helping to significantly reduce device size.

The part geometry provides very effective magnetic shielding, which is of growing importance due to the push towards smaller, more densely-packed automotive circuits. Unchecked, radiated EMI/RFI can also affect the operation of other circuits nearby.

Popular automotive applications for these inductors include LED Headlight Driver Modules, Adaptive Driving Beam (ADB), Adaptive LED Boards, Daylight Running Light (DRL) systems, Pulse Width Dimming (PWD) circuits, AFS (Adaptive Front-lighting System), Hybrid Engine Controls, Powertrain Control Modules (PCM) or any high-reliability application that must tolerate a wide temperature range.

A as a franchise distributor of Sumida, New Yorker Electronics supplies all products from automotive keyless antennas to green energy solutions, will be available for supply by New Yorker Electronics.

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