Now at Mouser: ADI and TE Bring Industrial Communications Solutions to Factory Floor


January 29, 2020 – Mouser Electronics together with Analog Devices and TE Connectivity (TE) offer design engineers the right components for communications in industrial environments. Manufacturing plants depend on Ethernet for real-time performance and ruggedness required by industrial applications. Compared to legacy fieldbuses, Ethernet offers faster speeds, better handles large data volumes, and enables effective and efficient monitoring of factory equipment.

Analog Devices and TE Connectivity bring Ethernet and other industrial communication solutions to the factory floor. Analog Devices ADIN1300 is a low-power, single-port Gigabit Ethernet transceiver that integrates an Energy Efficient physical layer (PHY) core, offering industry-leading power and latency specifications. The ADM3055E devices employ Analog Devices iCoupler technology to combine a three-channel isolator, a CAN transceiver, and an Analog Devices isoPower DC-to-DC converter into a single surface-mount package. The transceivers meet the CAN FD operational requirements of 5 Mbps, but offer rates up to 12 Mbps to support future needs.

ADM3067 RS-485 transceivers offer ±12 kV IEC ESD protection and are designed for up to 50 Mbps high-speed bidirectional data communication on multipoint bus transmission lines. These transceivers allow connection of up to 128 transceivers onto the bus and feature full-receiver short-circuit, open-circuit, and bus idle fail-safe function.

TE’s Intercontec connectors are available in a variety of sizes, functions, and power levels — all of which include color coding that prevents the faulty mating of connectors when wiring complex equipment. The connectors feature an innovative 1/8 quick locking system that helps reduce installation times and the risk of failures during on-site installations. All Intercontec connectors are IP 66/67 rated (unless specifically stated otherwise) to meet EN 60529 qualifications.

TE’s industrial RJ45 jacks with integrated magnetics offer a highly integrated connectivity solution for Industrial Ethernet — from the cable to the physical layer. The integrated magnetics allows for a much improved EMI noise shielding, which enables more reliable connections. TE’s Industrial Mini I/O connectors are a compact, wire-to-wire and wire-to-board solution that constitutes just 25 percent of the size of a conventional RJ45. The solution features high retention of the board connectors, combined with a compact metal latching mechanism to prevent accidental pull and/or unmating, which reduces potential system down time.

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