Omni Pro Electronics to Distribute GardTec’s Finger Fan Guard

GardTec 120mm Wire Fan Guard is constructed for Rugged Conditions in All Weather Types


ADDISON, Texas, USA – Omni Pro Electronics has announced GardTec’s release of its 8-Ring Stainless Steel Fan Finger Guard. The finger guards are designed to fit all standard DC and AC axial fans and are part of GuardTec’s high quality 120mm cabinet cooling fan kits. Used in HVAC and other industrial applications, the 120mm wire fan guard is essential for protecting cabinet cooling fans from being broken by foreign objects. The rings have a UL-compliant spacing of 0.25in and its weld joints withstand 88-pound separation force.

Manufactured with Stainless Steel and plated with a clear Electro-Deposit, the GardTec SC120-W5S fan guard protects cooling fans for years in all weather types. GardTec Incorporated’s complete family of 304 stainless steel fan guards are well-suited for those harsh environment applications where standard nickel-chrome fan guards fail. This line of fan guards offers the rugged design to power through environmental challenges. GardTec’s 304 stainless steel fan guards are ISO 9001 certified, assuring compliance to the most rigid standards, and are RoHS/REACH compliant.

As a franchise distributor, Omni Pro Electronics supplies GardTec’s full line of Wire Fan Guards, Plastic Fan Guards, Aluminum Fan Filters, Plastic Fan Filters, Custom Wire Forms and Fan Power Cords.