ON Semiconductor Demonstrates Fully Integrated In-Cabin Monitoring System at AutoSens Brussels

Multi-camera system features ON Semiconductor’s new RGB-IR image sensor, Ambarella’s advanced RGB-IR video processing SoC, and Eyeris’ in-vehicle scene understanding AI


Brussels, BELGIUM – 19 September, 2019 – ON Semiconductor driving energy efficient innovations, will feature a complete in-cabin monitoring system inclusive of driver monitoring and occupancy monitoring functions at AutoSens Conference in Brussels, Belgium.

The demonstration includes multiple sensor types from ON Semiconductor – the 1 Megapixel (MP) Global Shutter AR0144AT image sensor and three 2.3 MP RGB-IR image sensors. This multi-camera system utilizes Ambarella’s CV2AQ System-on-Chip (SoC) that processes real-time high-quality RGB-IR video and integrates Eyeris’ AI software performing complex body and facial analytics, passenger activity monitoring, and object detection.

Driver and occupant monitoring applications require the ability to capture images in variable lighting from direct sunlight to pitch black conditions. With outstanding NIR response, the RGB-IR CMOS image sensor technology provides full HD 1080p output using a 3.0 µm backside illuminated (BSI) and three-exposure HDR. Sensitive to both RGB and IR light, the sensors are able to capture color images in daylight and monochrome IR images with NIR illumination.

“Important safety systems such as child presence detection as well as convenience functions are next-generation features that our customers are developing now. Our broad portfolio of automotive sensors is engineered to deliver these capabilities for in-vehicle applications,” stated Ross Jatou, VP and General Manager for ON Semiconductor’s Automotive Sensing Division. “Furthermore, strong collaboration between sensor, processor and software companies is imperative to optimize performance and accelerate time-to-market of these in-cabin systems. We are delighted to work with industry trailblazers such as Ambarella and Eyeris to demonstrate these advanced capabilities.”

Ambarella VP of Marketing Chris Day commented: “Working with ON Semiconductor and Eyeris to realize this demonstration provides a great example of companies with industry-leading technologies cooperating to drive innovation in the automotive sector. Our CV2AQ SoC combines our proprietary CVflow DNN engine and high-performance image processing. Paired with ON Semiconductor’s diverse in-cabin sensor portfolio and Eyeris’ scene understanding AI, we are able to achieve a system capable of meeting the industry’s growing demand for vision-based in-cabin solutions.”

“Eyeris has an advanced and extensive portfolio of vision-based DNN for in-vehicle scene understanding applications,” stated Modar Alaoui, CEO of Eyeris. “Working on the Ambarella CV2AQ CVflow engine and with ON Semiconductor’s high-performance sensors, our three companies were able to achieve this groundbreaking in-cabin system.”

Visitors will be able to see this and many other cutting-edge demonstrations at the ON Semiconductor booth during the AutoSens conference September 17-19, 2019. In addition, Geoff Ballew, Senior Director of the Automotive Sensing Division will participate as a conference speaker and provide an “Overview of the challenges and requirements for state-of-the-art sensors across the major sensor types”.

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