Panasonic Joins RE100 Aiming for Business Operations with 100% Renewable Energy


Osaka, Japan – Aug 31, 2019 – Panasonic Corporation has joined RE100, The Climate Group’s global initiative bringing together the world’s most influential businesses committed to 100% renewable power. By 2050, Panasonic will switch the electricity used globally in its operations to 100% renewable energy, and aim for production that does not emit CO2.

Amid growing global attention to social issues that focus on the environment and energy, Panasonic formulated its long-term environmental management vision called “Panasonic Environment Vision 2050” in June 2017, and has been promoting environmental activities with a clear direction toward 2050.

As part of its activities to promote businesses aiming for a sustainable society under this vision, the company is making a global effort to create factories that do not emit CO2 during their operation. Specifically, in addition to energy-saving activities at factories, Panasonic is promoting the utilization of renewable energy by installing renewable energy power generation systems such as photovoltaic systems at its sites, as well as the procurement of 100% renewable electricity at its zero-CO2 model factories in Japan, Europe, and the Americas.

Expanding the utilization of renewable energy is essential for realizing zero-CO2 factories. Panasonic will further promote the use of renewable energy by joining RE100 which aims to accelerate the transition to using renewable energy globally.

Going forward, with “Increase the use of renewable energy” set as one of the targets under Green Plan 2021, its environmental action plan toward 2021, Panasonic will further strengthen activities to install renewable energy power generation systems at its factories, as well as to procure renewable energy. Additionally, the company will strive to realize zero-CO2 model factories in each region worldwide and work to expand the use of renewable energy suitable to regional characteristics.

Through such activities, Panasonic will steadily promote production that does not emit CO2, aiming for a sustainable society as envisioned by the “Environment Vision 2050.”

“Panasonic’s success has been built on developing the technologies that define our future. By joining RE100 and committing to using 100% renewable electricity by 2050, Panasonic is sending a strong message that the energy landscape is evolving. Panasonic is joining a global movement of companies who are driving towards a better energy system – because it’s good for their businesses, their customers and their environment.”

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