“Panasonic Life Solutions is Offering Made in India Products & Solutions to it’s Customers”

In conversation with Jyoti Bhagat, Assistant Editor, TimesTech Buzz, Mr. Ajay Saraf, Senior Vice President and Head Project Business at Panasonic Life Solutions India Pvt.Ltd. Talks on the Recent Developments and the New Products in line for 2021.


TimesTech: Some light on recent developments, projects in the trade, outdoor & professional lighting segment by Panasonic Life Solutions India?

Panasonic Life Solutions India is now offering complete lighting solutions for all segments that include Outdoor, Indoor Commercial, and Industrial Space. We are executing a couple of high-visibility projects which are as follows: 2 smart city projects, NHAI Projects Pan India, Metro Rail, Warehousing, and Indoor Commercial Projects. 

Bathinda Municipal Corporation – Bathinda is a bustling city in Punjab. The city administration was facing challenges of high energy consumption & high maintenance costs on account of streetlights. 

Solutions Offered by PLSIND: Installing Data Concentrator units to communicate with Centralized Controlling & Monitoring Systems. It is an intelligent solution that can manage street lighting needs. Streetlights can be remotely monitored and controlled by any device having internet access. It is scalable, flexible, and responsive. We carried out the replacement of 22,000 conventional streetlights with quality smart LED streetlights which was like killing two birds with the same stone, offering an intelligent lighting system with excellent energy savings.

KDMC Project – Kalyan-Dombivli is a twin city and a municipal corporation with its headquarters located in Kalyan in Thane district, Maharashtra. KDMC faced multiple challenges of high energy consumption, frequent power failures, high maintenance cost, and manual checking of each streetlight to identify the fault which was an arduous task 

Solutions Offered by PLSIND- Intelligent solution to manage all street lighting needs. Streetlights can be remotely monitored and controlled by any device having internet access.

Initially, we did a pilot project of 90W & 120W Smart Streetlight with an individual controller. Basis the performance and perfect deliverables that were as per the customer expectations, we are currently installing 30,000 Smart Street fixtures along with the required CCMS Panel for group & individual control, LoRa gateways, and light management software. Multiple wattages of 18W, 35W, 50W, 70W, 90W, 120W, 150W, 170W, 200W & 220W in dimmable and non-dimmable options are being installed in this project. This Project will be one of its kind in India with the best of the Japanese technologies we have pitched in here.

Apart from Smart Street lighting projects where the complete city or town has been illuminated and digitized, we also executed lighting projects of some of the prominent National Highway‘s of India and we take pride in being part of the Infrastructure build-up for the nation. Some of the prominent projects are as follows: 

  • NHAI NH 53 Raipur Pune Section
  • NHAI NH 3 Indore Dewas bypass
  • NHAI NH 65 Kanchikacherla Nandigama
  • NHAI NH 147 SG Highway Gujarat Phase 1
  • NHAI NH 147 SG Highway Gujarat Phase 2 & 3
  • NHAI NH 152 Ismailabad stretch of Ambala – Narnaul Highway

Nagpur Metro Rail – Nagpur Metro is a rapid transit system for Nagpur city, Maharashtra. Nagpur Metro project is solely handled by NMRCL (Nagpur Metro Rail Corporation Limited). NMRCL was looking for a single solution provider for platform lighting with a complete offering and wanted some solutions for the product gaps they had experienced in their previous lighting project installations.

Solutions Offered by PLSIND – The in-house design team of PLS after a lot of deliberations and discussions with the Metro technical team was able to come out with the right solution which suited their needs. It was a real win-win situation. 

 We provided our best-in-class lighting products right from Trunking System, Industrial Batten, Suspended Linear Lights, Flood Lights, and Downlights & Base Lights.

Varanasi Convention Center – The JICA-assisted Varanasi International Co-operation and Convention Centre (VCC) named ‘Rudraksha’ comprising of the main hall with a full flying tower, a seating capacity of 1,200, a gallery, and meeting roomsVCC was looking for a single solution provider for the complete convention center which also included hi lumen efficacy indoor products like downlighters, Tracks, and a high-end range for LED Based landscape lighting  

Solutions Offered by PLSIND – We worked on the design along with their internal and external consultants and offered a complete solution to meet the requirements. We provided luminaires along with a Lighting control system. The system is up and running and has been appreciated by the client.

  • Intelligent smart switches for group & individual Light control
  • Scheduling & Emergency Lighting Control
  • Supervisory Control – Through APP & Central control through 10 inches Touch Screen

We installed our products right from Downlights, 2×2 Base Light, Outdoor Lights & Lighting Control System

TimesTech: Share about the new products in line in the smart solution space for smart cities and industrial applications?

We have recently launched 2 Smart Solutions for Outdoor and Industrial Applications (The product details are attaching on e-mail)

Smart Street Light – “conexion”, an Intelligent street lighting solution to manage all your street lighting needs. Through ‘’conexion’’, streetlights can be remotely monitored and controlled by any device having internet access. 

Smart Industrial Solution – It can be easily integrated with intelligent controls & sensors, dimming solutions (DALI/Analogue), and IoT-based solutions. It can be controlled individually or in a Group. This is for the first time such intelligent solutions have been positioned especially for the Industry segment.

Group Control – Installed lights are divided into smaller clusters and each cluster can be controlled and dimmed individually. It helps in saving more energy by utilizing only the lights that are required and can be monitored and controlled through a web or mobile app.

Individual Controls – One controller is connected to each light, and it can be individually monitored & controlled. The dimming of each light can be operated, along with the application of motion-based rules. Also, the reports for each light is recorded for ease of maintenance

TimesTech: How Panasonic is foreseeing the market growth from smart and professional lighting?

The Indian smart lighting market is currently witnessing strong growth. Smart lighting is an innovative technology that is replacing conventional lightings with more energy-efficient LED lights and sensors for energy conservation. With India being the second most populated country in the world and one of the largest consumers of electricity, it has been witnessing an increasing electricity demand supply gap. The lighting sector currently accounts for around 18% of the total electricity consumption in India. As a result, the government is playing an active role in replacing the current lighting infrastructure predominantly a conventional lighting system with more energy-efficient products and solutions. This is expected to exponentially drive the market for smart lighting in India in the coming years.

TimesTech: How do you see the future of smart and professional lighting in India, commitment to make in India?

The market is moving towards Automation and Smart Lighting and it is getting digitized. Light does not only illuminates objects but also dramatically enhances the atmosphere of living spaces. LED lighting offers greater energy savings along with higher colour rendering properties and opens a new realm of possibilities. The major growth drivers in the future for the smart lighting market are going to be the development of smart cities, connected offices and IoT-based solutions for homes and offices. There is tremendous growth which is anticipated from these areas in the future which will change the way we have been selling or positioning Lighting in the coming years.

At Panasonic Life Solutions India we are offering Made in India products and solutions to our customers which are backed up by Japanese Design and technology know-how. Currently, the company has 7 manufacturing units at 4 locations in India, manufacturing an electrical range of products for the ECM industry and its offerings are synonymous with quality and efficiency. It has a dominant market share ( Market Leader) in Wiring Devices and is constantly expanding its product range and growing market shares in Switchgears, Wires, Cables & Tapes, Conduit pipes, Lighting, Solar, Housing, Power Tools, Indoor Air Quality, Fire Alarm System, Solar Solutions and Electric Vehicle Chargers.