Panasonic sensors for clinical analysis and components for lab automation

Panasonic Industry presents components and solutions for medical applications at the EuroMedLab in Rome


Panasonic Systems and Solutions, a division of Panasonic Industry Europe, will present comprehensive solutions for laboratory automation at the EuroMedLab 2023 in Rome, Italy

From May 21st to the 25th, we will exhibit our broad portfolio of sensors and automation components for laboratory diagnostic devices as well as for the total workflow automation in the La Nuvola Convention center on booth 112.

We showcase a range of sensors for clinical analysis, for example highly reliable optical bubble sensors, that can detect unwanted air bubbles that may provoke errors in liquid handling. Our new sensors, like the FDBEF series was developed for bigger diameter tubes.

The latest development of Panasonic Industry, the BE-C14 compact convergent reflective sensor, is able to detect blood collection tubes and tube holders in a range of 2 up to 8mm. With a thickness of only 3.5mm, the sensor is very compact and ready for industrial use.

Our micro-photoelectric sensors provide precise control over sample flow during sample vessel transportation and can be easily implemented due to their compact size.
Using analog and contactless measurement capabilities, our laser sensors can accurately determine liquid levels and verify the presence, conformity, and proper positioning of caps and other moving samples.
To ensure flexibility in laboratory equipment setup, Panasonic offers the world’s smallest sensors, including ultra-compact ionizers that effectively neutralize static charges in testing vessels. This prevents electrostatically charged particles from sticking together and stops liquid drops from adhering to the top edge or sidewalls of test tubes. Leak detection sensors are also available to enhance safety and facilitate smooth operation by detecting possible spills of washing or reagent liquids. We also showcase the micro-dosing application of our customer BiofluidiX. Since 2018, BiofluidiX is relaying on Panasonic Industry components such as bubble sensors, leak detection sensors, and Ionizers.

From state-of-the-art sensor solutions like optical bubble sensors, HMIs, or controllers: Panasonic Industry is your partner for laboratory automation equipment.

More information on our sensors and solutions can be found here.