Percepio to Host Cypress IoT-AdvantEdge Webinar

Webinar includes a live demonstration of DevAlert and Tracealyzer leveraging Cypress PSoC 64 Secure MCUs and AWS IoT Core


Västerås, Sweden, 1st September 2020 – Percepio is pleased to announce that it will be hosting a Cypress IoT-AdvantEdge webinar on Thursday, 17th September 2020 at 9am PST (6pm CEST). Entitled “Closing the Loop On IoT Device Error Reporting”, the webinar outlines a strategy for dealing with bug reports from users of field-deployed IoT products. The webinar will be presented by Percepio CEO Johan Kraft and Gary Sugita, Director of Marketing – IoT Compute and Wireless Business Unit at Cypress, an Infineon Technologies company.

Good development methods and rigorous testing can eliminate most software bugs, but despite the best verification efforts some bugs will remain in the deployed device software. Adding IoT connectivity increases the code size and system complexity, making software verification even harder. At the same time, IoT connectivity also increases the stakes, as missed bugs threaten not only the user experience, but also data quality and security. So it’s vital to have a debugging strategy for dealing with error reports from deployed IoT devices.

Percepio DevAlert, combined with Cypress PSoC 64 MCUs and powered by AWS IoT Core and Percepio Tracealyzer, provides a unique solution to this challenge: a cloud-connected “flight recorder” that leverages the inherent ability of IoT devices to “phone home” to report runtime errors as they occur. To provide important context, DevAlert messages include a detailed visual trace of the software events leading up to the error – information that is often critical for reproducing, debugging and ultimately fixing the issue.

When deployed in production software and combined with over-the-air (OTA) update capability, DevAlert effectively provides a DevOps-style feedback loop for IoT device developers that allows them to ensure the quality of their products in the field by catching and fixing bugs, often before users become aware of any issues.

Register for the webinar here now to:

  • Get an introduction and overview of Percepio DevAlert and Tracealyzer
  • Watch a live demonstration of DevAlert and Tracealyzer using Cypress PSoC 64 and ModusToolbox
  • Learn how to get started and devise your own strategy for dealing with bugs in deployed IoT products

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