Phygital Twin DeepTech Twyn emerges winner at Maruti Suzuki’s accelerator programme


Twyn, the world’s first Phygital Twin DeepTech powering large manufacturers and OEMs to enable smart manufacturing has been recognized as a winner at Maruti Suzuki’s startup accelerator programme. The startup will work with the auto giant to implement a paid Proof-of-Concept (PoC) at the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Gurugram.

Twyn’s platform is unique as it creates phygital twins that not only replicate a live and connected version of the physical asset and environment, but also brings back insights from the digital twin to the physical environment for on-ground optimization of machinery, inventory, and human resources for the manufacturers.

Twyn’s solutions address one of the key challenges at shop floors, unplanned downtimes in machines through real-time monitoring of the vitals of factory assets and analyzing the data which helps in early fault detection. This helps manufacturers to reduce downtime upto 55%, increase efficiency upto 28% while also enhancing manpower optimization upto 15%. Besides, Twyn powers manufacturers to use resources optimally and lower emissions thereby paving the way to achieving net zero goals and sustainable manufacturing.

Twyn Founder & CEO Avi Dahiya said, “Twyn’s phygital twin model simplifies the way decision makers analyze, engage and act on real time data from physical assets, significantly reducing the time, cost and resources required for process completion. Our selection in Maruti Suzuki’s innovation programme validates our commitment to offering a global value proposition for Large Enterprises and OEMs to accelerate smart manufacturing. Maruti Suzuki provides great learning opportunity for startups, and we look forward to bringing in the next wave of technology innovation in the manufacturing industry through such partnerships.”

Twyn offers a one stop solution for all kinds of processes and visual data by integrating the existing data from multiple sensors, 3D models, MES/ ERP/ SCADA systems like SAP onto a single platform. This allows manufacturers and OEMs to deploy Twyn’s solutions in a simple manner, without needing to add any other hardware.

Maruti Suzuki Innovation programs aims to collaborate with innovative startups to catalyse the automobile and mobility industry with its cutting-edge digital solutions. Aligned with the Government of India’s ‘Startup India’ initiative, the programme provides a platform for innovators to implement their solutions in the real world. The selected startups are also given the opportunity to collaborate with Maruti Suzuki to enhance its business operations.