PsEx and TEAMZ host the 5th Global Blockchain Summit in Japan

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TOKYO, JAPAN 9 April, 2019 On April 6 and 7, 2019, a two-day blockchain summit will be held in Humen, Tokyo, Japan. The summit was hosted by TEAMZ, and PsEx, as a co-organizer, launched the most influential blockchain summit in Asia which integrates the traditional capital and blockchain.

TEAMZ is Asia’s most influential blockchain summit and has successfully held four summits. The summit gathered more than 100 first-line capitals from the United States, China and Hong Kong, Japan, and Southeast Asia. More than 17 listed companies such as LINE, SOFTBANK, Lotte, and J.P. Morgan participated in the summit. More than 120 heavyweight guests were invited, including COO FRANKLYN RICHARDS, Morgan Creek Digital Capital founder ANTHONY POMPLIANO, Wikipedia co-founder LARRY SANGER, Japan Watson Cloud Platform Minister Ping Shanyi, TRUST Ex co-founder Abel Wilson , KX Exchange CEO Yin Xiaogang and many other industry heavyweight guests. More than 63 participants participated in the conference, and the number of participants was up to 5,000.

In order to better promote the blockchain industry develop healthily and steadily, the summit will integrate traditional capital and blockchain to help qualified projects obtain investment incubation and technical support as soon as possible, and to enhance global collaboration opportunities. The summit will provide more exchanges sections for enterprises and projects.

As the leader of the global digital asset management platform, PsEx has been committed to constructing a secure and transparent financial environment with the new AI smart investment technology so as to protect the security of customers’ assets. Through the digital economy industry chain, the entire ecological layout thinking has gained a high degree of consensus in more than 170 countries and regions around the world, and has put forward specific solutions for how to better serve the global real economy through the digital economy.