Quality Assurance & Engineering’s Vital Role in Digital Transformation

by Prashant Bramhankar, COO, Expleo


Digital transformation is morphing most businesses into tech-driven entities today. As per Gartner digital business is now embedded into all business growth strategies. However, Expleo’s Business Transformation Index 2023 reveals an astonishing 76% of organisations miss at least one business transformation target. 

The modern consumer expects swift, transparent, and tailored solutions. Say you’re shopping online, exploring a new app, or subscribing to a digital service. What’s on your mind? You want solutions, not additional hassles. A security breach in a financial app or a pesky bug in an online store can send customers packing. It’s pretty straightforward – if the software doesn’t work as it should, customers won’t stick around. Naturally, the bottom line for customer experience and brand loyalty boils down to one word – quality. And that quality is achieved through rigorous, relentless quality assurance (QA) and quality engineering (QE).

Maximising ROI with Modern QA and QE Practices

Over the past decade, QA and QE have evolved tremendously, particularly with the transition from manual to automated processes. This shift, catalysed by automation, allows businesses to take products and solutions to market faster. While manual testing struggles to keep pace with rapid development, automated scripts lack adaptability. Forward-thinking companies recognise this gap, choosing a more intelligent and dynamic approach to software testing. A testing platform that is no-code and customisable for specific applications is vital, but no discussion would be complete without mentioning Generative AI. AI-enhanced testing can be leveraged to bridge the gap between scripted testing and real-world user behaviour. And behavioural analysis can lay the foundation for test scenarios and enable automated scenario creation.

Quality Beyond the Surface

With the increasing use of digital platforms, the capacity of applications to manage surges in transactions is critical. And superior customer experience relies on seamless and flawless software interactions. Enter QA/QE teams. The QA team pores over every line of code, scrutinises every transaction, and tests every corner case of the software. The QE team, on the other side, is not content with merely finding the defects; they aim to prevent them from ever existing. They make sure quality is baked into every code commit.

In high-stakes industries like finance and healthcare, where milliseconds matter and the tiniest glitch can have monumental consequences, QA and QE protect businesses from potential disasters and regulatory nightmares. 

Future-Proofing Business Transformation

As businesses embrace digital transformation, the significance of cybersecurity also escalates. Techniques like quality testing and penetration testing become indispensable in safeguarding systems. Particularly in sectors like banking and insurance, where data sensitivity is of prime importance, QA and QE are essential for upholding stringent security measures.

Moreover, as businesses allocate budgets for digital transformation initiatives, migrating from legacy systems to advanced platforms, such as superapps, demands a significant investment. Comprehensive QA/QE practices offer enterprises an edge, allowing them to proactively identify potential pitfalls and effectively manage unforeseen expenditures.

With the transition from manual efforts to automation, the QA and QE domains have become even more specialised. This change has not only accelerated the software development lifecycle but also created lucrative job opportunities for skilled professionals. 

Looking forward, one thing is crystal clear – we have to stay laser-focused on quality and make sure we are aligned with user needs. Think of QA and QE experts as your digital transformation’s immune system, quietly fending off all sorts of threats. While you may not recognize their importance every day, they serve as the backbone that sustains your business. With over 40 years of experience in the domain, our robust QA/QE practices are what make us reliable partners for our clients’ bold business transformation ambitions.


  1. Thank you for sharing this insightful perspective on the critical role of QA and QE ,It’s heartening to see how these domains have evolved and created new career opportunities.
    Being part of the QA team under your leadership, I am proud to contribute to these crucial efforts. Your guidance and vision inspire us to uphold the highest standards in our work, knowing that we are an integral part of our clients’ digital transformation journeys. Looking ahead, the focus on alignment with user needs and continuous improvement in QA/QE practices will undoubtedly drive successful digital transformations

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