Renesas Delivered a Successful Webinar on EV Inverter Solution


In today’s fast-paced & short design cycles, building everything from scratch in a conventional method is time-consuming. Hence, Renesas have built Models and software to support design engineers to bring out solutions quickly to market.

To fulfill the market needs Renesas brings to you solutions for Inverters with an Inductive Position Sensors. With the motive to highlight the features and modules of this ultimate solution, Renesas in association with TimesTech media has successfully organized a webinar on the topic ‘xEV Inverter solution with an inductive position Sensor application model & Software’ on December 8th, 2022 at 11:30 am. The webinar got a huge response and appreciation from its audience. 

The webinar Started with the introduction of the webinar and the purpose of doing the same. The speaker for the day, Mr. Amit Kumar Sharma, AIRS Department, Automotive Division, Automotive Solution Business Unit, Renesas India Pvt. Ltd, in his presentation, highlighted-

  • Market Trend Change
  • Renesas Platform Solutions for xEV  System
  • Inductive Position Sensor IPS2550
  • xEV Traction Inverter Solution with Inductive Position Sensor IPS2550
  • IPS2550 xEV Inverter Solution Evaluation Environment
  • Comparison of IPS Resolver Evaluation Results
  • About Inverter & Inverter Software
  • Issues in Software Development
  • Solutions in Software Development 
  • Key Features and Benefits
  • Webpage Content & Summary

While elaborating about Renesas EV Solution, Amit expressed, Renesas is positioned to succeed and offer complete platforms for EV applications. We have the capability not only to offer digital, analog, power and software together but also make sure that the interaction of these products is optimized to offer the best system performance possible.”

“The battery management solutions, which is another area we can offer turnkey solutions. We have qualified MCUs and battery management solutions. Battery management solutions that offer highly accurate and scalable options. When we combine that hardware with our ability to offer application software, driver software, as well as specialized software, that has a better quicker understanding of the battery health. We offer complete solutions” added Mr. Amit Sharma.

Jitendra Sagar, Editor in Chief, said, “This webinar definitely took our viewers to the deep dive into the EV Inverter applications and solutions. I thank Mr. Amit, & the entire team of Renesas for the cooperation and coordination during the execution of this webinar. I hope this effort of TimesTech Media & Renesas will be fruitful to our viewers and readers.”