Retarus bolsters Email Security Services with new features


SINGAPORE, Aug 7, 2019 – Munich-based Retarus GmbH has developed its Email Security Services with a range of new features, including Office 365 Sync, Whitelisting, Targeted Members List, and new anti-phishing measures. The new functionality has been added to Advanced Threat Protection services, which include ‘Patient Zero Detection’ and Retarus’ unique ‘botnet recognition’, both patented across Europe.

Microsoft Office 365

For companies working on Office 365, Retarus Email Security now synchronizes with directory services of Microsoft cloud. Azure Active Directory Synchronisation has replaced manual data maintenance, thus reducing both the error-rate and efforts.

New Whitelisting Service

The Whitelisting Service, enhancing CxO Fraud Detection, has become an ATP component. Customers can use this option when sending internal information, ie management newsletters, announcements and alerts from the HR or IT departments, via external service providers, ensuring these ‘internal’ emails are received reliably.

Targeted Members List

Another new feature is the Targeted Members List. Here the company can list employees whose email identities are particularly interesting for cyber criminals. As soon as a message arrives from a ‘Targeted Member’, the CxO Fraud Detection service checks the display name for authenticity. Depending on the outcome, the message is placed either in the inbox or in quarantine.

Phishing protection

To identify phishing, Retarus Email Security now refers to additional data which is obtained with the help of machine-learning. This means that the filter is now able to detect the URLs of fake websites in inbound emails even more reliably and that Retarus’ customers are now even better protected against phishing attacks.

These safeguards are business-critical, with Gartner warning, “By 2020, 60 percent of all companies will have fallen victim to phishing campaigns which have falsified their brand names and logos.” (“Fighting Phishing – 2020 Foresight” – Gartner Research, 2018)

Email Security: Made in Germany

“The fight against cyber criminals is a never-ending game of cat and mouse, in which we are constantly developing and advancing our cloud services for email security, and adapting in response to changing circumstances”, says Martin Hager, founder and CEO of Retarus. “We are constantly searching for new ways to meet the ever-rising security requirements of our customers. I’m proud of our development team and its power in innovation, with Forrester including us among the twelve most important providers of Email Security in the world.”

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