Revolutionary App ‘BetterBe On Track’ Unveiled for Global Wellness


Mass Software Solutions, a leading IT and Software Development company is thrilled to unveil the revolutionary “BetterBe On Track” mobile app for BetterBe Group Ltd., a Global Wellness company. Designed to connect hybrid teams globally, the app offers a unique blend of virtual races, real-world activities tracking, and team challenges, promoting health awareness and team unity. “BetterBe On Track” is more than just a mobile app, it’s a tool designed to generate health awareness in corporates and facilitate team-based challenges. The app not only promotes team bonding in a fun way but also contributes to improving individual well-being.  

The mobile app reconnects the company, family or group of friends to discover new places while engaging in a friendly competition and encouraging the development of healthier habits. With the help of the app, people can dive into virtual travels, track real-world activities, and foster good eating habits – all while reducing their CO2 footprint. The application’s science-backed approach ensures easy adoption of healthier habits, enhances team unity, and does good for the planet. Simple to use, without the info overload one can discover how fun and science can work together to improve overall lifestyle and, for companies, workplace wellness!

Commenting on the same Mr. Bhaskar Ganguli, Director, Marketing and Sales, Mass Software Solutions said, “I am pleased with our team’s effort to develop a new and interesting application for people of all fitness levels to adopt a healthier way of living. ‘BetterBe On Track’ is an excellent solution for companies seeking to improve workplace wellness and foster a culture of health and collaboration.”

Open to individuals at all fitness levels, the app’s fun team challenges aim to promote small yet powerful healthy habits. Join the global movement, connect with colleagues, explore the world, and foster a healthier lifestyle through virtual races and team challenges with “BetterBe On Track” – the ideal solution for companies seeking to enhance corporate wellness and promote a culture of health and teamwork. Also, the app has gained positive feedback from the Co-Founder of the BetterBe Group.