Robots-Waiters Serve in a Cafe from Remote Controlled in Japan

Humans operating the robots can have conditions like amytrophic lateral sclerosis.


It is no secret that humans are confused with the concept of robots serving them.

Now a cafe named Don ver.β (beta), which has a robot, has been opened as waiters in Minato Ward in Tokyo. These robots are remotely controlled by those who are not physically capable.

Cafe’s pilot run begins today and will be open until December 7.

Robots have captured space in the reel life that are better than humans, but in the real world, it appears to be designed to blend robots and help humans.

This new cafe includes five OriHime-D robots, which are 1.2 meters long and weighing around 20 kilograms. They have been designed to send videos and audio through the Internet, which will allow them to operate to direct waiter-robots.

Humans operating on robots may have conditions like amyotrophic lateral sclerosis which is a form of motor neuron disease mentioned in Japan Today. The controllers of these waiter-robots can work from home on their own tablets or computers.

The developer of these robots of Ory Lab Chief Executive Kantaro Yoshifuji said that he “wants to create a world in which people can not take their body,” according to the report of the SCMP.

There will be ten people who work according to their shift for 1,000 yen per hour.

As was demonstrated by Engadget in a demonstration organized in August, it shows how the system will work, the robot waiter was controlled by Nozomi Murata, who is suffering from autophagic vacuolar myopathy, which is the cause of the nuisance of skeletal muscles Is formed.

With the Nippon Foundation and ANA Holdings Inc., the goal of Ory Lab is to launch a permanent cafe by 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic.

The Ory Laboratory has also made small OriHime robots, which are 21.5 cm long and weighing around 600 grams, which have been introduced by telecom about 70 companies. They are asked to use them remotely in classrooms by those students who can not go to school due to illness or other reasons.