Saelig launches Portasonic PLUS, portable clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter


Saelig Company, has introduced the Coltraco Portasonic Plus, which can non-invasively measure flow rates of most clean liquids in pipes without the troublesome contamination and mechanical challenges of penetrating the pipe wall. It reliably measures flow velocities between 0.01 m/s – 25m/s for liquids with gas/solid content less than 10% of volume. The equipment comes with movable clamp-on transducers for rapid-setup measurements. The unit uses two sensors, one acting as ultrasonic transmitter and the other as a receiver. The Portasonic software captures the time it takes for the ultrasonic pulse to pass from the transmitter to the receiver. This transit time is dependent on the flow rate. Using external clamp-on sensors means that the Portasonic Plus can be non-invasively applied to almost any pipe as a continuous monitoring solution, but it can be easily transferred to a different location if monitoring requirements change. This gives Portasonic PLUS dual functionality as both a permanent and portable monitoring solution, depending on needs.

Two sizes on IP66-rated sensors are available to cope with the diameter of the pipe being measured, covering a temperature range of -20°C to +150°C, and, in addition, fully waterproofed variants are optionally available. The Portasonic Plus can measure wall thickness, volumetric flow rate, mass flow rate, and energy (heat quantity) flow rate all in one instrument. All measured values can be totalized to give the total flow rate measured during a particular measurement session and stored internally in 4MB storage on the Portasonic PLUS or directly logged to a PC via a microUSB connection. The internal battery allows for up to 12 hours’ use, or unlimited use with micro-USB mains power.

The Portasonic Plus includes a built-in signal oscilloscope display to enable sensor positioning and diagnostics, which is helpful for achieving maximum measurement accuracy while providing visibility of potential installation issues for troubleshooting purposes. Datalogging fluid flow rates is a means for providing a verifiable record of system functionality and safety.

Portasonic PLUS Features:

  • Multiple Flow Rates: Volumetric, Mass and Energy Flow Rate measured in one instrument to an accuracy of 0.5% under ideal conditions; liters/min or gal/min; kg/min or lb/min; kW/h or BTU/s.
  • Thickness Gauging: Measure pipe wall thickness
  • Datalogging: Log flow rate measurements internally, export later via USB, or log directly to a PC
  • Non-Invasive: Clamp on sensors ensures no contact with the fluid and no downtime to systems
  • Long battery use: Up to 12 hours use with 9V batteries, or 24/7 continuous use with micro-USB power
  • Built-in signal oscilloscope – To provide sensor diagnostics and verify measurement process.
  • Two sensor options – To fit different pipe diameters, with waterproofed variants also available.
  • Mass Flow Rate: In kilograms per minute or lbs per minute, the mass of liquid transferred within a pipe, calculated by the device using density and flow rate. (Commonly used in loading or unloading processes, e.g. fuel transfers.)

Applications include almost any kind of fluid flow monitoring, including commercial building HVAC metering, fuel and waste water monitoring, etc. The Coltraco Portasonic Plus is made by ultrasonics specialists Coltraco Ultrasonics, global leaders in the measurement and monitoring of systems that protect high-asset value and critical national infrastructure installations.  It is supplied in a handy, robust carrying case.   It is available now from now from Saelig Company, Fairport NY their authorized USA technical distributor.