Safety Standards from Government Bodies Beneficial for Power Electronics

for Electric Vehicle Industry


In the last few years, there has been a steep incline in demand for electric vehicles, mainly owing to their delicate nature and higher competencies. This, in turn, has given way to significant surge in installation of motor-powered in-wheels and e-axles in all kinds of electric automobiles. Furthermore, the fact that such installation aids in diminishing CO2 releases has made them a preferred choice in the automobile industry.

At the same time, growing inclination toward the utilization of energy efficiency power implements has steered in the development of advanced electric vehicle technology. The prime energy sources in these automobiles are condensers or batteries as opposed to diesel or gasoline fuel in the traditional ICE cars and buses. The power electronics are the main elements & modules in propulsion structure that perfectly fuels the adoption of electric motor and regulates the power apostles.

According to a report published by Allied Market Research, the global power electronics for electric vehicle market is projected to showcase a noteworthy CAGR from 2019 to 2026.

The A&D (aerospace and defense) industry has also been observing the continuous scuffle to lessen cost, weight, and size while simultaneously improving communications, aptitude, and surveillance abilities, and command. This is driving the A&D establishments to capitalize in solutions with increasing power bulks and proficiencies.

Power electronics products, in the industry, are being extensively adopted for a wide gamut of applications such as power drive pedals, landing kits, and defensive aids controls & solutions, flight rheostat, triangulation, cabin illumination, avionics, and others. For example, signal dispensation for up-to-date military indicators, avionics, weapon structures, UAV shipments, and missile panels tend to utilize processing power that exudes huge proportions of heat. Here, proper power electronics aids in reducing heat and enhancing performance altogether.

Several market vendors across the world are also coming up with products explicit to the Aerospace and Defense industry. For example, in the first quarter of 2020, Solid State Devices Inc., the renowned US-based organization came up with the SFC35N120 1200-volt SiC power MOSFETs for top-quality defense & aerospace power electronics solutions such as high-volt DC-DC apostles and PFC boost modules.

Simultaneously, the aviation industry is facilitating the prospective benefits of SiC with an influence on all extents of the power supply system. The EU-sponsored MuSiCA project, which was initiated in September 2020, intends to prop up the implementation of new silicon carbide implements in aerospace applications, allowing minor and smaller power modules for more electric planes while aiding in diminishing fuel exhaustion and carbon depletion.

The key players in the industry have also started taking recourse to avant-garde strategies such as market development, new acquisitions, and product launches to strengthen their foothold in the sector.

ROHM Co. Ltd., a prominent name in the industry happened to bring forth four new IPMs (Intelligent Power Modules) that provide low noise features for perfect power conversion in adaptors in April 2021. These contraptions are utilized in solid, close-packed industrial kits such as small capacity engines for robots and several home applications including washing machines and air conditioners.

Infineon Technologies, on the other hand, hurled in its IRFET 2 power MOSFETs in voltage ranging between of 80V and 100V, in March 2021. The device is perfectly heightened for low as well as high switching occurrences, facilitating a plethora of applications delegating high-end flexibility.

Here, it’s worth stating that the outbreak of the pandemic had a sheer negative impact on the power electronics for electric vehicle market, especially during the initial period. Disruptions in the automobile and aviation industries worsened the market condition. However, as the global situation got back to the normal state, the market for power electronics also started recouping slowly & steadily.

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