Senseleq launched to address current measurement needs

• Senseleq – new joint- venture company announced. • Delivers accurate, reliable measurement solutions for new electrical grid. • Draws on market and technology expertise of leading companies.


LH Steenwjik, The Netherlands- Senseleq, a new company formed to deliver advanced measurement solutions for the Transmission & Distribution (T&D) eco-system as it transitions from primarily traditional electricity generation systems to hybrid and eventually fully renewable technologies, was today formally launched by parent companies ELEQ and Danisense.

Explains Loic Moreau, CEO, Senseleq: “The power utilities business is changing globally. Where once the main providers of electrical power were coal, gas, oil and nuclear power stations, today renewable sources of power, such as wind and solar are becoming significant. This is driving huge changes in all aspects of the electrical power industry, including new power quality and metering challenges that require a new current measurement approach.”

In response, ELEQ, the Dutch company which can trace a 75-year history in electrical supply measurement, and Danisense, the Danish pioneers of zero-flux sensing current transformers  that enable AC and DC currents to be measured simply with accuracies down to 1ppm, have formed the joint-venture company, Senseleq.

Senseleq’s proprietary Fluxgate current sense product solutions are ideal for measuring current harmonics up to 50 kHz in combination with professional power quality analyzers. They are also suitable for non-invasive grid impedance measurements in HV grids. Senseleq’s highly accurate current sense transducers can detect DC components and enable billing and protection with only one core, saving time and cost, and eliminating errors.

For further information please visit or contact Senseleq’s Technical Business Development Manager Roland Bürger [email protected], Tel: +49 (0)179 7540018.