Spirent Announces Premium Enhancements to its GSS9000 Constellation Simulator

Industry’s most precise and realistic constellation simulator for high-dynamics vehicles enhanced still further


Bangalore – Spirent Communications today announced the addition of premium enhancements to its GSS9000 Series to further extend its position as the industry’s most precise and realistic GNSS constellation simulator. Among the enhancements, a doubling of the update rate capability means the GSS9000 series now offers unrivalled ability to recreate operations more precisely and realistically, reducing uncertainty in positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) testing.

The latest developments provide the GSS9000 series with the ability to run simulations at a software and hardware update rate of up to 2 kHz, improving accuracy of the simulated trajectory without compromising performance. This is of particular benefit to high-dynamics applications, such as space missions and hypersonic vehicles. The increased update rate also delivers lower latency for hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing, further reinforcing the GSS9000’s position as the industry’s most accurate and realistic test instrument.

“Our dedicated hardware and powerful software solutions are built specifically with PNT test in mind – to improve accuracy, increase flexibility and provide high-performing systems to meet customer needs,” said Spirent Director of PNT Simulation, Adam Price. “These latest enhancements to the GSS9000 continue to raise the bar for highly flexible and scalable solutions that enable our customers to stay ahead of their competition.”

Other enhancements to the GSS9000 Series include:

  • Extended Scenario Duration – In a simulation environment, where control and repeatability are key for a realistic representation of the mission, reducing the number of user inputs is essential. The new update will extend the available scenario duration to 65 days, using the same initial conditions for the simulation throughout the duration of testing to deliver uninterrupted high-performance simulation for longer. 
  • Enhanced Embedded Interference Capabilities –To provide greater power and flexibility in interference testing, Spirent has improved support for interference testing on wide spectrum signals, increased bandwidth resolution and repetition rates, and added variable bandwidth control on additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN).

“Spirent’s leadership in GNSS testing comes from the combination of our unrivalled heritage and deep understanding of the PNT market, alongside our continuing commitment to improving test capabilities for customers,” said Spirent Product Line Manager for High-End Applications, Ricardo Verdeguer Moreno. “By working closely with customers, we are able to better understand the challenges they face, and these latest enhancements to the GSS9000 series demonstrate how we are continuing to help customers reduce uncertainty by providing more accurate operations, without impacting system performance.”

The enhancements to the Spirent GSS9000 series will be available to new and existing customers at the beginning of Q2, 2021.

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