ST Revealed Innovative STM32 Products to Enhance Ecosystem


STMicroelectronics (ST) in a media event hosted in its Greater Noida office revealed 3 newly launched STM32 products to journalists. The products were revealed by the subject matter experts from ST and introduction to the products was followed by a short presentation on their features and hands on demos were displayed.

STM32C0 MCU series:

Sridhar Ethiraj, Technical Marketing and Applications, India, General purpose microcontrollers subgroup, STMicroelectronics

Entry level 32-bit MCU for cost-sensitive applications

The first part of the session was delivered by Sridhar Ethiraj, Technical Marketing and Applications, India, General purpose microcontrollers subgroup, STMicroelectronics. He revealed the STM32C0 MCU series to the gathering. It is an entry-level 32-bit MCU for cost-sensitive applications. 

Sridhar mentioned, “STM32C0 streamlines costs without comprising performance.” STM32C0 helps designers reduce costs and optimize BOM. Further, the designer can benefit from proven STM32 quality & reliability. Moreover, it has a consistent pinout with STM32G0 and shares the same technological platform. 

Also Sridhar claimed, “The STM32C0 MCU is a perfect fit for applications typically served by 8-bit/16-bit MCUs.” These include Fridges, Ovens, Industrial pumps, Fan control, Smoke detectors, Fire detectors, PC peripherals and accessories. 

While talking about the specification of STM32C0, Sridhar said, “STM32C0 is built on Arm Cortex-M0+ running at 48MHz. It delivers 44DMIPS instruction throughput with 114CoreMark performance.” Further, the portfolio offers the same feature set in different RAM sizes and packages.

STM32H5 MCU series:

The second product revealed by Sridhar was the STM32H5 MCU series for high-performance designs. Sridhar claimed, “STM32H5 MCU series is the most powerful Arm Cortex-M33 MCU yet.” It is an industry-first 32-bit MCU with the Arm Cortex-M33 core, running as high as 250 MHz. Further, it offers scalable security to address every need from the most essential security building blocks to fully certified services maintained by ST.

STM32H5 MCU series is based on ST’s optimized 40 nm process technology. It offers a large choice of memory, peripherals, and package options.

Sridhar mentioned, “STM32H5 simplifies the design of secure industrial applications.” It is ideal for PLC, Motor control, Air conditioning systems, Fridges, Communication gateways, Light control and tracking devices,

Further, giving insights into the specification of the STM32H5 MCU series, Sridhar said, “STM32H5 has instruction and data cache for internal and external memory (ART Accelerator) and Mathematics accelerators: FMAC and Cordic.”

Revealing STM32H5 MCU series security features, Sridhar said, “STM32H5 MCU series has state-of-the-art security assurance level.” It is targeted for SESIP level 3 and PSA level 3 certification. The MCU provides memory protections against illegal access control, Cryptography for hardware robustness, Platform authentication and Code isolation for runtime protection during the product lifecycle.

STM32H5 MCU series provides scalable security to accelerate time to market. Sridhar emphasised, “We are the first MCU supplier to offer a certified and maintained TEE solution to customers.” It is a STM32 Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) integrating core security services. Further, ST provides multiple package options for developer needs with the STM32H5 MCU series.


The third product introduced by Sridhar was STM32U5. It is the flagship of ultra-low-power MCUs. Sridhar announced, “It is for the applications that require more performance and longer-lasting batteries.” STM32U5 offers high energy efficiency, high integration, higher security and safety with advanced graphics accelerators and NeoChrom GPU and 100 Kcycles for 512Kbytes of Flash.

Sridhar claimed, “It offers unparalleled performance for a ULP MCU.” It is built on Arm Cortex-M33 at 160 MHz 240 DMIPS or 651 Coremark and Mathematics accelerators: FMAC and Cordic. Further, it has a cache for execution and data for internal and external memory (ART Accelerator).

STM32U5 offers high integration with numerous integrated peripherals, advanced graphics and large embedded memory. Further, STM32U5 is PSA Level 3 and SESIP Level 3 certified.

At the end of his session, Sridhar introduced STLink-V3Power to the gathering. Sridhar revealed, “STLINK-V3PWR is a powerful and easy-to-use energy profiler.” It can do current measurements with a wide dynamic range of nA-500mA, with high accuracy (up to +/-0.5%) and resolution up to 2nA. Further, it has a programmable output voltage source of 1.6 – 3.6V (under up to 2A).

STM32MP13 lines

Vinay Thapliyal, Group Manager – Technical Marketing, South East Asia & India, Microprocessors product group, STMicroelectronics.

Cost-efficient MPUs for industrial and secure applications:

The second of the three products to be revealed was STM32MP13 lines. These are cost-efficient MPUs for industrial and secure applications. The product and its features were presented by Vinay Thapliyal, Group Manager – Technical Marketing, South East Asia & India, Microprocessors product group, STMicroelectronics. 

Revealing the product and its specification to the gathering, Vinay said, “ST provides accessibility to a strong, user-friendly ecosystem for STM32 MPUs which includes OpenSTLinux, Linux-RT, RTOS and PCB layout reference designs with these products.” 

STM32 MPUs are applicable in payment terminals and secure applications, Industry 4.0, Factory automation, Smart metering, smart homes and EV charging infrastructure.

Vinay emphasised, “STM32MP13 lines are the right choice for industrial applications.” These products offer 100% operating time for 10 years and junction temperature support from -40°C to +125°C. Considering the industrial applications, it is built on the Arm Cortex-A7 core, running from 650MHz and up to 1GHz. Further, it is provided with DRAM interface at 533 MHz and optimized interconnect. 


Vinay announced, “STM32MP13 MPUs offer certified security services.” These include memory protections against illegal access control, cryptographic accelerator for hardware robustness, platform authentication during product lifecycle and code isolation for runtime protection. These features are at security assurance level 3. Further, the MPUs are SESIP3 certified, PCi ready and PSA level one certified. 

Moving further with the presentation, Vinay highlighted, “ST provides trusted execution with OP-TEE and secures production flow with Secure Secret Provisioning (SSP).” OP-TEE is a certified SoC security offer around Secure Boot chain & TrustZone. Open-source solution with long-term support which provides ready-to-use secure functions: code isolation, crypto functions, secure key & data storage, and firmware update. Moreover, it has complete STM32 ecosystem tools integration & support. SSP protects application one-time programmable (OTP) keys at the contract manufacturer. 

Power Consumption:

In terms of power consumption, Vinay said, “STM32MP13 MPUs offer best-in-class energy consumption in low power modes combined with STPMIC1 power management IC.”

STPMIC1 power management IC has DC/DCs & LDOs for STM32MP1 series, memories and external devices. 

Further, Vinay explained to the gathering that the STM32MP13 MPUs can accelerate designer time to market. Designers can access STM32 MPU embedded software, development boards, PCB layout examples, Software development tools like STM32 CubeIDE, hardware configuration STM32 CubeMX, security management & board provisioning tools like STM32 CubeProgrammer.

Moreover, MPUs are provided in 3 different BGA packages to fit many applications and with software & pin-to-pin compatibility between all STM32MP13x part numbers for more scalability. 

Real-Time performance:

As the MPUs are designed specifically for industrial use, ST has tried to minimize the latency. Vinay commented, “X-LINUX-RT expansion package enables OpenSTLinux real-time extension, so-called Linux-RT, reaching the determinism level needed for factory automation in key components such as PLC (Programmable Logic Controller).” 

Further, real-time performance has been enhanced through bare metal & Azure RTOS.

Artificial Intelligence:

ST has enabled AI on cost-efficient STM32MP13 with X-LINUX-AI. It is an all-in-one AI solution for the entire STM32MP1 series, it is a free open-source software package dedicated to AI. It is pre-integrated into Linux distribution based on the ST environment which includes AI model benchmark application tools for MPU. 

Mohit Arora, GPM Wireless Marketing Manager, Microcontroller & Digital ICs Group, STMicroelectronics. 

STM32WBA wireless MCU series:

The last part of the session was on STM32WBA wireless MCU series. It’s an all new family of  low-power, secure Bluetooth Low Energy 5.3 communications-based wireless MCU series, revealed by Mohit Arora, GPM Wireless Marketing Manager, Microcontroller & Digital ICs Group, STMicroelectronics. 

Mohit announced, “STM32WBA wireless MCU series gives more- autonomy, integration and security.” The series is based on an ultralow power Bluetooth Low Energy 5.3 platform, built on Arm Cortex-M33 running at 100MHz. 

Further, in terms of security, it offers 4 isolation stages with Arm TrustZone technology and targets SESIP Level 3. 

Session ends with exhibition of some applications based on the newly launched products.