STMicroelectronics Strengthens STM32 MCU Ecosystem with MadeForSTM32 Quality Label

  • Members of ST Partner program can submit products to support STM32 development for evaluation by ST
  • Qualifying products from Authorized Partners win MadeForSTM32 label endorsing product performance, customer support, and maintenance
  • Label brings promotional opportunities for ecosystem-product developers and encourages developer engagement with STM32 family

Geneva, July 11, 2019 – STMicroelectronics is further increasing the market appeal of its STM32 microcontroller family by launching the MadeForSTM32 label for qualified, reviewed, and approved products from ST Partners in the development ecosystem.

Engineers designing with microcontrollers – the tiny electronic “brains” inside all kinds of smart objects – rely on the ecosystem that provides configuration and development tools, ready-to-use software examples and libraries, and circuit boards to prototype their applications and bring them into production.

For many designers, the quality and effectiveness of the ecosystem is an important factor when choosing among microcontroller manufacturers for current and future designs. ST’s STM32 family offers an already extensive and still expanding ecosystem that provides important software products and evaluation boards for developing with STM32 devices. Addressing the constant aim of helping customers find the best solution for their design, ST is launching the MadeForSTM32 program to review and qualify offerings from ST Partners within the STM32 ecosystem. The MadeforSTM32 label ensures that all products within the ecosystem are of consistently high quality.

Our new MadeForSTM32 label provides robust assurances for product designers by highlighting our assessment and approval of the quality and performance of third-party ecosystem products, as well as the customer support available,” said Daniel Colonna, Marketing Director, Microcontroller Division, STMicroelectronics. “There is added value for our ecosystem partners too, with branding using the MadeForSTM32 logo for approved products and literature, promotional opportunities, and access to the results of our technical evaluation to help drive continuous product improvement. The benefits of this program to both engineers and partners encourage significant expansion of the STM32 ecosystem with high-quality products.”

The SEGGER embOS and RoweBots UNISON RTOS real-time operating systems have already been assessed and endorsed to become the first MadeForSTM32 approved pieces of embedded software. Other products are currently being evaluated.

“After having joined the ST partner program, SEGGER was able to actively get involved in the MadeForSTM32 process,” said Dirk Akemann, Partnership Marketing Manager, SEGGER. “Our Real-Time Operating System embOS is an outstanding example of efficiency and ease of use. Qualifying embOS with the MadeForSTM32 label demonstrates that it simply works. The result is an easy and seamless integration of the embOS real-time operating system into the popular STM32Cube environment.”

Kim Rowe, CEO and founder of RoweBots, commented, “RoweBots has a long history working with STM32 products. Our UNISON RTOS provides our customers with a comprehensive tool to meet their needs, UNISON Software Expansion works complementarily with ST’s STM32Cube developer resources that are available free of charge and can be used for fast and accurate project development.”

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