Strangeworks partnership with BQP for BQP’s simulation platform

BosonQ Psi joins Strangeworks Quantum Syndicate, and integrates the company’s flagship software, BQPhy™, with Strangeworks’ hardware ecosystem, thereby enabling its customers a full-stack quantum experience.


New Delhi- Strangeworks announced its partnership with BosonQ Psi (BQP) by being the quantum system provider for BQP’s simulation platform, BQPhy, the world’s first quantum-powered engineering simulation software for enterprise customers in aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, biotech, and many others. With this partnership, BQP’s customers can now harness a wide range of quantum computers, including quantum gate-based systems, quantum annealing systems, and quantum-inspired solutions seamlessly from within the BQPhy software. The Strangeworks platform provides the flexibility to easily integrate an entire quantum ecosystem into the products of the quantum software vendors. This seamless integration enables the company’s software to automatically select the appropriate quantum resources at the exact moment in time the resource is required; based on a variety of factors, including availability, time, budget, number of qubits, decoherence, and gate times.

“We at BosonQ Psi strongly feel that the Strangeworks ecosystem is a game-changer for BQPhy as it makes us truly quantum hardware-agnostic and adds flexibility to the customer purchase experience. This partnership allows our users to harness the scalability of our hybrid quantum-classical backend,” says Abhishek Chopra, Founder and CEO of BosonQ Psi. He further added, “customers can now get state-of-the-art quantum-powered engineering solvers integrated with industry leaders in quantum hardware with a pay-as-you-go model.”

BosonQ Psi exemplifies how end-user application providers benefit from a single source solution explicitly designed to deliver quantum capabilities to their customer base. Both hardware and software companies can take advantage of the Strangeworks quantum ecosystem to enable system-to-system integrations, eliminating the need for subject matter experts to understand quantum mechanics, be technically knowledgeable about the various quantum hardware systems, or even have to select the appropriate hardware for their tasks.

“We are excited to see more and more quantum solutions providers utilize the Strangeworks ecosystem to enhance their own products and services,” said whurley, Founder and CEO of Strangeworks. “Strangeworks is committed to engineering solutions that make it easier for our partners to provide their customers with all of the quantum capabilities available in the market today without the complexity currently required to implement quantum services in the enterprise”.

To get started with the BosonQ Psi software, BQPhy, request access at or apply via the Strangeworks Backstage Pass program at