Synersoft’s new tech to save hardware & software costs for MSMEs


MSMEs are expected to invest in Information Security and Data Protection systems to meet the compliance requirements of their MNC customers and large industries. Leading Indian IT product company Synersoft Technologies has developed a solution that can help MSMEs save expenditures on hardware and software by 65%. It is an MSME-focused innovation with 1000 plus deployments already on the ground.

“MSMEs are obliged to provide for  IT security compliance and audits. Investing in multiple IT systems, integrating them effectively, and maintaining them is too complex and expensive for MSMEs” says Sudhir Chaubey, co-founder at Synersoft. With increasing importance given to cybersecurity, readiness for information security and data protection compliance is mandatory for MSMEs to retain large MNC and Indian enterprise customers. It has led MSMEs to look for simple and cost-effective technology that can make them compliant with global information security and data protection standards. It is also a common opinion that MSMEs cannot afford complex and expensive solutions to achieve the objective. This emerging situation prompted Synersoft Technologies to notice the massive requirement from the MSME sector for a simple and cost-effective solution.

“A standard IT Infrastructure includes deploying multiple hardware and software making it complex and expensive. Our technology BLACKbox as a Single-Hardware; Single Software, “IT in a Box” solution saves 65% of the investment and recurring cost”. Says Vishal Shah, Co-Founder of Synersoft.

Further, the MSMEs recognize significant intangible benefits from BLACKbox Single-Hardware, Single-Software solution. They are listed below.

1.No hassle to host, power, and maintain multiple hardware

2. No hassle to deal with multiple vendors

3. No hassle to operate multiple software in silos

4. Industry-first buyback policy on upgradation

5. Availability of no-cost EMI options with credit card payments