Tektronix : Virtual Technology & Optical Innovation Week

28th September – 2nd October 2020 Showcasing New Innovations in Optical Measurements, VIP events & meetings, virtual webinars by keynote speakers & application specialists


BRACKNELL, UK – 24. September 2020 – Tektronix, Inc. has announced that it will showcase the latest in optical test innovation for datacenter networking at a virtual technology and optical week. Topics covered will include 400G PAM4 characterization and debug, simplifying 400G compliance testing and 400ZR+/800ZR DWDM support. Tektronix warmly welcomes all engineers, educators and innovators with an interest in optical, photonic and data center technologies to participate in this virtual online insightful series of events.

“Our customers are facing new daily challenges in having to support new emerging technologies”, says Dean Miles, EMEA Tektronix Technical Marketing Manager. “Increased demand for bandwidth and network capacity is forcing the industry to adopt to direct detect transceivers with higher baud rates, PAM4 modulation and multiple lanes. These changes have resulted in new customer pain points, such as increase in test time, complexity and cost, as well as challenges with regards to more complex tuning, parallel testing with less margins and higher yield loss”.

“I am really excited about our Technology and Innovation Week, offering a  combination of keynote speakerslive technology solution presentations and webinars plus an opportunity for our customers to reserve their own VIP remote meeting with our Tektronix leading application and technology experts to discuss their own individual test and measurement challenges“, said Miles.

The keynote and technology presentations will include these topics

  • Trends in Data Centers
  • Standard Evolution 400G/800G
  • TDECQ – IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Recent TDECQ Changes
  • Machine Learning Techniques to Accelerate Test Time
  • Measurement Challenges – PAM4 Technologies
  • Coherent Standard Evolution 400G-ZR/ZR+/800ZR
  • Measurement Challenges – Coherent Technologies
  • Coherent Optic / Quantum Computing
  • Next Generation Coherent

The event will also feature the latest optical innovations from Tektronix, such as:

  • The new 8 Series Sampling Oscilloscope Platform with support for 56GBd and 28GBd. This new optical transceiver test platform reduces test time and boasts repeatability, addressing test challenges for optical manufactures striving to meet demand for increased bandwidth and network capacity. The disaggregated modular instrument series boasting parallel acquisition, with up to four channels per mainframe and the highest measurement accuracy for PAM4 optical signals on multiple inputs simultaneously. The 8 Series consists of the TSO820 Sampling Oscilloscope Mainframe, optical sampling modules, and TSOVu, a new software platform that runs independent of the mainframe on host PC for both live and offline processing of acquired data.
  • The New TCR801 Optical Clock Recovery TCR801, which covers dual band ranges around both 26GBd and 53GBd. The TCR801 Optical Clock Recovery instrument works with new and existing test equipment, including the TSO820 and DSA8300. This single mode, external instrument has a FC/PC optical connection for PAM4 and NRZ and utilizes external optical splitters. The 8 Series Optical Clock Recovery is a fast, flexible and reliable instrument for assisting in the validation of current and future optical designs. With all the applicable standard rates in the 26 and 53 GBd data rate ranges included as standard, there are no additional options required.
  • New TSOVu Software. The 8 Series Sampling Oscilloscope features a brand-new sampling oscilloscope software architecture called TSOVu. This new software runs on a user’s external Windows 10 PC and features an intuitive user interface and analysis engine for increased measurement throughput and limits oscilloscope downtime. The communication between the PC running TSOVu and the TSO820 mainframe is based on an IEEE 802.3 Ethernet network, such as 100BASE-T or 1000BASE-T. TSOVu’s Programmatic Interface (PI) commands can be used in the automation environments to control instrument functionality and analysis reporting.

Registration is open now: https://bit.ly/3hUxaNj

More information on our products and solutions is available at ru.tek.com.