Tenstorrent and MosChip Partner on High Performant RISC-V Design


Tenstorrent and MosChip Technologies announced that they  are partnering on design for Tenstorrent’s cutting-edge RISC-V solutions. In selecting  MosChip Technologies, Tenstorrent stands to strongly advance both its own and its  customers’ development of RISC-V solutions as they work together on Physical Design,  DFT, Verification, and RTL Design services. 

“MosChip Technologies is special in that they have unparalleled tape out expertise in  design services, with more than 200 multi-million gate ASICs under their belt”, said David Bennett, CCO of Tenstorrent. “Partnering with MosChip enables us to design the  strongest RISC-V solution we can to serve ourselves, our partners, and our customers  alike.” 

MosChip brings commitment-to-success to this partnership with Tenstorrent.  Throughout the engagement thus far, MosChip has demonstrated the flexibility, exceptional expertise, and resourcefulness required to quickly accomplish on-time and  quality deliverables for Tenstorrent’s cutting-edge RISC-V core development. 

“Tenstorrent is delivering highly customized, high-performance AI and RISC-V  chiplets”, said CEO of MosChip, Srinivasa Kakumanu. “In testing simulations done thus  far, we’ve determined that Tenstorrent’s RISC-V core is one of the highest performing  CPUs we’ve seen. We’re extremely excited to work with Tenstorrent on continuing to deliver groundbreaking AI hardware and solutions”.