The Growing Strength of the Power Filter Industry


Over the past few years, the power filter market has been steadily expanding. A power filter is an electronic machinery that efficiently reduces electromagnetic interference (EMI) in a power line that supplies any piece of equipment. Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is a phenomenon that can occasionally cause the operation of electronic devices to be interrupted, to crash, or to be damaged in various fields where they are used. Therefore, based on the severe interruption, electromagnetic interference (EMI) is predicted to have an impact on the device’s signal quality and to cause long-term damage to the component or device to secure against damage, a power filter is used with these devices.

According to a recent report by Allied Market Research, the global power filter market is projected to reach a valuable CAGR from 2022 to 2031. The increasing adoption of power filters by data centers, medical facilities, and other industries that rely on the proper functioning of power electronics components is driving market growth.  

The growing trend of developing miniature circuits in electronic devices, along with the technology’s enhanced process and market profitability, are some of the key factors driving the global power filter market. Furthermore, the global industry is experiencing significant growth as a result of the booming global consumer electronics market and the appearance of new electronic features and applications. The sector is expected to have excellent commercial opportunities in the upcoming years due to its penetration into a variety of industrial verticals, including the military and digital signage. 

Recent Developments in the Power Filter Market 

Some players such as Schaffner Holding AG, ALTRAN MAGNETICS, INC., TE Connectivity Ltd., and Bulgin GmbH are focusing on facility expansion, new innovative techniques, and partnerships to strengthen their foothold in the market. For instance, in May 2021, APITECH introduced a power connector to its lineup of electromagnetic interference (EMI) products called filtered circular connectors. The new power connector offers EMI filtering while taking up less room and costing systems less to install. Furthermore, these connectors are ideal for supplying power to designs that incorporate switch-mode power supplies or any other electronic systems involving radio communication devices. 

Additionally, in September 2021, COSEL added the 80W DC/DC converter STMGFS80 to the STMGF platform. The brand-new STMGFS80 is a reliable mechanical platform that offers designers an easy way to get the benefits of a high-quality power solution in industrial mount packaging. The 80W DC/DC converter is also available in two models that hide all industrial voltages between 9V and 76V.  

Also, Schaffner Holding AG officially launched the FN2640 EMC filters, electromagnetic interference filters for the automation and robotics industries, in June 2022. The new FN2640 EMC filters were designed exclusively for use in data centers and the fields of automation and robotics. The filter offers a variety of connection options in addition to saving space with a 1U rack-mount design.  

Moreover, another key development, a SAW Filter was released by APITECH in June 2022. The new advanced SAW filter was established using an advanced technique to deliver the narrower bandwidths, greater power, and more varied package options required by these systems.  

To sum up, the increasing demand for power filters in various industries such as telecom, automotive, and industrial automation, among others, is fueling the growth of the market. The rising concern for power quality and the need to protect equipment from power disturbances and surges are also expected to boost the adoption of power filters. However, the growing trend of digitization and automation in various industries is expected to create lucrative opportunities for power filters in the market. In the long term, the future of the power filter market looks promising and is expected to witness significant growth in the years to come.