The Inaugural Industrial Summit in Shenzhen holds STMicroelectronics

ST Industrial Summit
  • Themed “ST Innovates for a Smarter Industrial World,” Industrial Summit 2019 focuses on Motor Control, Power and Energy, and Automation
  • More than 100 ST and partner demos on display with about 40 in-depth technical sessions

May 29, 2019: STMicroelectronics on May 29 Grand Hyatt Luohu will host its first Industrial Summit in Shenzhen, China.

A High-Profile Event and Technology Showcase, ST’s Industrial Summit 2019 will bring leading industry leaders, middle and small enterprises, partners and industry associations from a wider and highly fragmented industrial market so that the frontiers of Smart Innovation can be traced And they could be pushed forward. Motor control, power and energy, and automation.

Motor Control
Motors play an important role in industrial equipment, including robotics, industrial and power equipment, smart home appliances, drones and many other applications.
ST will show a status-control demo that operates with two advanced STSPIN32F0 BLDC motors embedded STM32 Microcontroller (MCU) and an STD140N6F7 Power MOSFET. Two motors can accurately synchronize with each other to ensure accurate speed control, while allowing movement on different speeds and acceleration without crash.

The Smart Home appliance demo includes a turnkey solution for the refrigerator with an inverter, an AC-DC converter, a low-dropout regulator, Microcontroller and a driver with IGBT integrated, which is completed with software services.

Other smart motor-control solutions on display include a stepper driver, a high powered STSPIN32F0 motor-controller series with power tools, a low-voltage and high power BLDC motor controller for e-rickshaw, an STSPIN32F0 and STM32-powered vacuum cleaner.

The latest STSPIN820 motor-control ICs for the latest human-computer interface, a smart-lighting switch and 3D printer powered by an STM32MP1 microprocessor-based motor-control solution.

Power and energy
The Industrial Summit will also address the impact of motors on power and energy. Today, 300 million industrial electric motors are installed worldwide and this number is growing by almost 10% every year. These motors use about 30% of all electrical energy, so the need to reduce their electricity consumption is becoming more important.

At the upcoming industrial summit, ST will present its second generation Silicon Carbide (SiC) 650V / 1200V Industrial MOSFET. This product, with embedded body diode, offers extremely low switching and power loss at high temperatures, contributes to low power consumption, as well as reduces the size and weight of industrial equipment.

ST will also display its Smart Hybrid LED Streetlight Solution. In the continuous current mode, it uses an interleaved boost converter as a primary power converter. In the absence of battery or low-charge position, a solar-battery charger powered by the STM32F3 MCU automatically switches to a continuous-current AC-DC LED driver, ensuring smooth lighting in any condition.

Other “green” and efficient power and energy solutions on display include WPC Q-Qualified Wireless Fast-Charging Solution, a USB Type-C powered 15W 3-coil wireless battery-charger transmitter, a 4G IoT module for elevators, 3-step Totem Poll PFC and Power Breaker, a main board for tower-crane integrator, and 6LoWPAN network networking with smart-lighting demos.

In the smart industry environment, the machines are more connected to the factory and to the cloud. It enables optimum planning and flexibility in manufacturing and maintenance. ST’s portfolio for industrial connectivity spreads many techniques including a standard communication protocol, enabling connectivity between IO-Link, Sensor and Power Line Communication (PLC) devices. At the industrial summit, ST will show the IO-link stack for its dedicated STM32 Nucleio Pack. This solution can serve a small industrial plant with three levels using IO-link devices to connect the sensor to the upper levels of monitoring and control.

For the Industrial IoT (IIoT), which runs the industrial equipment in a more intelligent way, sensing techniques that constantly monitor the position of the device are essential. ST provides a full spectrum of high accuracy and strong sensors for the stringent industrial work environment. From the various MEMS sensors, temperature and humidity sensors, pressure and speed-sensitive devices will be highlighted for industrial applications at the ST Summit.

Predictive maintenance is a good example of how IoT enables new service models in smart factories. The predefined maintenance demo of the ST uses MEMS sensor and industrial IO-link and cloud connectivity. The inertial and environmental sensors connected through the IO-link detect the position of the motor and STM32F4 performs local real-time frequency and time-domain analysis to monitor the MCU status and detect early motor-failure. In addition, the data collected in the device can be sent to the cloud through a Linux gateway.
In the display of connected, intelligent industrial solutions and technologies, a wireless machine condition supervisor from ST client moons, a non-destructive test demo for industrial imaging inspection, the latest generation of sensorile wireless industrial nodes, NFC in motor control, power-overs . Ethernet (POE), and RF Smart Plug.

Other demo highlights
Cobote and Robotic Solutions: Cobot is a good replacement for the human workforce to execute repeated and unsafe tasks in smart factories, increasing productivity and reducing production costs. Two Cobots and four robotic weapons will be hosted at the ST Industrial Summit, showing how each can adapt to the operation of the factory and improve the working conditions. Two Cobots of standard robots display a versatile and collaborative platform that can fulfill many tasks while addressing most industrial needs. Four Robotic Weapons from other local ST customers offer high speed, high precision and ease of use for industrial applications including charging and discharging, assembly, sorting, handling and auto programmatic drawing.

Smart Factory v2.0: A cool interactive table event will help visitors to explore a comprehensive portfolio of ST technologies, products and solutions, and will find out that we will be able to provide a variety of services including factory automation, industrial communication, motor control, power and energy management. How Smart Factory applications are enabled. , And predictive maintenance.

Smart Home (Enhanced by ST): Smart Home Demo will also be hosted with smart tools using ST power and motor-control equipment at the Industrial Summit 2019. Various ST consumer products covering every aspect of daily life include air conditioners, TVs, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, IH (Induction Heat) rice cookers, smart mirrors, hairdryers, and supersonic and radiant fans.

To experience all these innovative demonstrations at Industrial Summit 2019 (May 29, 2019 in Shenzhen, China), please contact your STMicroelectronics representative.

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