The Sign of the Times — Innovative AS-Interface 3 Gateways


AS-Interface has long been established as a simple and cost-effective solution for integrating sensors and actuators in the field. But for almost 20 years, there have been no changes at all to one of the most important system components — the AS-Interface gateways. The innovative AS-Interface 3 gateways from Pepperl+Fuchs are opening up completely new opportunities in this regard. A sophisticated design, modern operating concept, multiprotocol capability, and IIoT capability take the AS-Interface 3 gateways to a new level and provide significantly simplified operation for customers. Ingeniously simple and consistently well thought-out — just as customers have come to expect from AS-Interface 3.

Sophisticated design
• Extremely narrow design with a width of just 37.9 mm
• Tool-free connection using spring terminals at the front
• 3x RJ45 plugs for easy communication

Modern operating concept

• Easy configuration due to integrated web server
• Display showing all information about mobile end devices
• Operating push buttons for easy commissioning

Multiprotocol capability

• PROFINET and Ethernet/IP in a single device
• Quick switching via the web server or operating push button
• Simple machine standardization

IIoT capability
• REST API for IIoT communication
• Access to all data about the gateway and connected AS-Interface devices
• Streamlined protocol for machine-to-machine communication