The Women Electrifying EV Revolution

by Raptee


Women are electrifying the EV revolution! 

On International Women’s Day, let’s shine a spotlight on the amazing women making waves in the electric vehicle (EV) industry. These women are breaking stereotypes and driving innovation across various fields within the EV sector, from engineering to human resources to design. shaping the future of mobility, one volt at a time. Let’s dive into their inspiring stories. 

Girija: Taking Charge in Automotive Innovation 

Let’s begin with the remarkable journey of Girija, an embedded software engineer driving innovation in the automotive industry. With a passion for electronics and programming, Girija works with subsystems within a vehicle’s ecosystem, ensuring seamless integration and data acquisition from every peripheral. Her role in handling the VCU software is vital, where she calculates critical vehicle parameters and facilitates crucial decision-making processes. Girija after joining has revamped the entire software stack and interfaced VCU with in house components and added functionalities to it. Leading a team, she feels working with young people keeps her motivated and stay inquisitive about the evolving technologies.  

From Intern to Leader: Shreya’s Inspiring Journey in the EV Industry 

Meet Shreya, a Senior Engineer, hailing from Uttar Pradesh with an unwavering passion for designing Battery Management Systems (BMS). Her journey began with an internship in 2020, where she fearlessly tackled the challenge of remote work while juggling college commitments. After college, when she had to work at office she was faced with the hurdles of language and culture in a new state (Tamilnadu). Shreya saw them as stepping stones rather than stumbling blocks. 

With three years of experience in the electric vehicle (EV) industry, she thrives on the thrill of experimentation and exploration in her daily work. Yet, Shreya humbly acknowledges the ever-evolving nature of electronics, recognizing there’s always more to learn in this dynamic field. Today, she proudly leads her BMS team, a testament to her perseverance and dedication. 

Shreya’s story is not just about breaking barriers but about transcending them with grace and grit, inspiring women everywhere to chase their dreams fearlessly. 

Abirami defying Stereotypes, Leading the Way 

Introducing Abirami, Engineer in Power Electronics whose journey unfolds like a tale of passion and purpose designing OBC and DCDC converter from scratch. While her peers chased lucrative offers in IT, Abirami dared to follow her fascination with electrostatics and electromagnetism, carving her path in electrical and electronics engineering.  

At Raptee, she found more than just a job; it was a calling to revolutionize the electric vehicle (EV) landscape. Her team members say that she is the mentor they were looking for, to learn and grow. She guides, encourages and motivates her team members on all technical and non-technical aspects of work thus making the workplace healthy, safe and happy.  

Her work isn’t just a profession; it’s a manifestation of her deepest passion, perfectly aligned with the dynamic EV industry’s needs.  

 In a world where innovation knows no gender, Abirami stands tall, defying stereotypes and blazing trails in the automotive field once dominated by men.    

Sowmiya, Driving Project Success 

Meet Sowmiya, an engineer specializing in design and validation. She’s part of the CAD team, where she plays a crucial role in turning drawings into 3D Auto components. Additionally, Sowmiya creates connections between all the different parts, making sure everything works together smoothly. Her work is essential for bringing ideas to life and ensuring that everything fits together perfectly. 

A Spark of Change: Celeste Ignites Passion for Sustainable Mobility 

Celeste is passionate about sustainability and decided to join the electric vehicle (EV) industry to make a difference. She believes that EVs can play a crucial role in fighting climate change and reducing carbon emissions. Celeste also recognizes the unique strengths that women bring to the table in this sector, such as their ability to collaborate and communicate effectively. She notes that many EV companies focus on sustainability, making it a perfect fit for women who share the same passion. She sees a lot of excitement in the EV industry and notes that both men and women are eager to join. This surge in interest reflects the industry’s potential for growth and impact, with a diverse talent pool ready to contribute to its evolution. 

Behind the Scenes Hero: Raja Meenakshi Drives Operational Excellence 

Raja Meenakshi, a Junior Engineer in the production department. She’s responsible for creating control plans and making sure everything runs smoothly. Raja Meenakshi carefully outlines all the steps in the process and creates easy-to-follow flowcharts. Besides that, she also helps find vendors for some of the components we need. She’s an essential part of the team, making sure everything is organized and working efficiently. She also runs a weekly Lean campaign in the office nudging everyone to work better and smarter.  

Shaping the Future of EV Design: Vidhya’s Visionary Approach 

Vidhya, the UI/UX and Graphic designer, brings a fresh perspective to the electric vehicle (EV) sector, driven by a curiosity to explore uncharted territory. Venturing into this rapidly growing industry, she found herself immersed in a vast landscape of innovation and opportunity. Her role encompasses crafting engaging marketing collaterals, shaping visual identities, and designing intuitive user interfaces tailored specifically for the EV domain. She was interested in trying something new and exciting, so she decided to explore the world of electric vehicle (EV) design.  

Vidhya is highly valued for her design expertise and leadership. She consistently motivates her team to excel by providing constructive feedback and fostering an environment conducive to professional development. 

As Vidhya continues to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of electric mobility, Vidhya remains inspired by the limitless potential for innovation and growth. 

Beyond Design: Surya’s Vision Guides the Customer Experience Journey 

In her role as Senior Architect, Surya with her team undertakes the responsibility of shaping environments with finesse, from the minutiae to the grandeur. 

With a keen eye for detail, Surya curates the design of our R&D space, meticulously crafting an atmosphere to promote comfort and productivity, ensuring that the workspace becomes a haven for innovation. 

Furthermore, Surya lends her creative touch to our experience center, where she seamlessly integrates physical and virtual elements. Through her designs, she invites customers to immerse themselves in our product, providing a holistic experience that leaves a lasting impact. 

Vinothini, the Strategist Behind the Brand Story 

Vinothini, who is a PR Executive has daily challenges and interesting tasks. Her responsibilities primarily involve formulating the ideal message to position their brand effectively in the market. As PR is an integral part of marketing she plans everything with strategically to ensure that the communication aligns with their audience and embodies the company’s values. She feels that the key challenge lies in fostering customer confidence and trust. 

Within the rapidly evolving EV sector. Given the continuous innovation and changes, she emphasizes the importance of reassuring customers about the company’s commitment to quality and reliability. Despite the challenges, she works with great satisfaction in being part of a dynamic and forward-thinking team. 


As we celebrate the remarkable achievements and stories of these women in the electric vehicle industry, it’s evident that their passion, dedication, and ingenuity are propelling the sector forward. With each innovative leap and barrier shattered, they pave the way for a more inclusive and sustainable future of mobility. Their journeys inspire us to embrace diversity, challenge stereotypes, and harness the collective power of talent and ambition to drive progress in the ever-evolving world of electric vehicles.