Toshiba Introduced 40V/2.0A Stepping Motor Driver with Current Sensing without Resistor


Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation “Toshiba” adds the ” TB67S539FTG ” to its range of Stepping Motor Driver IC Series that supports Constant Current Control for Office Automation, Commercial and Industrial Equipment does. The new driver controls the constant current motor without the current sense resistor.

The TB67S539FTG includes Toshiba’s latest DMOSFET device [1] which allows it to achieve a motor output voltage of 40V and a motor output current rating of 2.0A [2] . The use of a current detector for constant current motor control eliminates the need for an external current sense resistor. The H-bridge circuit for motor control has an NCH/NCH configuration and a built-in charge pump circuit for output stage control. In addition, the new driver does not require an external capacitor. It is commonly used to drive gates on H-bridges as it is included in the product. This helps to save space on the printed circuit board.

The TB67S539FTG supports motor drive power supplies from 4.5V to 34V and can be used for applications powered by 24V and applications with 12V drivers, including surveillance cameras and projectors.

The TB67S539FTG adopts a compact QFN32 package to prevent heat build-up during use. A low on resistance (upper + low), 0.8Ω (typ), between the output transistor drain and the source, prevents heat generation.

[1] As of September 2021
[2] The actual driven motor current is dependent on the use environment and components such as ambient temperature and power supply voltage.

– Office automation, commercial and industrial equipment

– no current sense resistor required
– No external capacitor required for charge pump circuit
– Low power consumption in sleep mode: I’m1 =  A (max) @ Sleep Mode

Main Specification

(if nothing else is stated, @ta a =25°C)
part numberTB67S539FTG
operating rangemotor power supply

m (v)
@ta a = -20 to 85°C4.5 to 34
Absolute Maximum RatingsMotor Output Voltage V Out (V)40
Motor Output Current I Out (A)2.0
Supported Motorsbipolar stepping motor
output transistor in the middle

on drain and source resistance

(High + Low) R on ( D  S ) Type (Ω)
@V m = 24V,

i = 25 ° C,

Eye out = 2.0A
Power consumption has M1 max (μ A)@sleep mode1
security workover-current detection,

thermal shutdown,

undervoltage lockout
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