Toshiba Released High Voltage 1500 Automotive Photorelay

The new device is suitable for high voltage automotive batteries


Kawasaki, Japan : Toshiba Electronic Devices and Storage Corporation has launched the “ TLX9160T ” which is a normally open (NO) 1-Form-A photorelay suitable for high voltage automotive batteries. Encased in a SO16L-T package, this new device is Toshiba’s first device to feature a high output resistance voltage of 1500V (Min). Its bulk dispatch is starting from today.

Incorporation of a high voltage MOSFET (MOSEFT) into the new device achieves an output resistance voltage of 1500V (Min). One SO16L-T package made of resins in IEC 60664-1 International Standard Materials Group I [1] , with more than 600 CTI[2] and four firer pins (pins 11 to 14 have been omitted from current SO16L packages) When engaged, the instrument achieves creepage of 5 mm or more [3] upon detection. This ensures support for 1000V supply voltage under IEC 60664-1, suitable for photorelays for high voltage automotive applications with battery voltages up to 1000V.

[1] CTI [2] Groups molded goods by value to IEC 60664-1: CTI 600
[2] Comparative Tracking Index: IEC 60112 defines CTI as the first maximum possible voltage drop of ammonium chloride solution on the surface of the insulating material under the current test conditions.
[3] @Working Wootage = 1000V, Substance Group I, Pollution Level 2 (Pollution level of the operating environment where electrical equipment is used; pollutants are completely non-conducting, but likely to conduct by condensation Huh.)

automotive equipment

  • Battery Management System: Battery voltage monitoring, mechanical relay sticking detection, ground fault detection, etc.


  • High Output Resistance Voltage : V OFF =1500V (Min)
  • Normally Open (1-Form-A) Apparatus
  • Avalanche Current Rating : IAV=0.6mA
  • High Isolation Voltage : 5000 Vrms (Min)
  • AEC-Q101 Qualified
Key Specifications
(Unless otherwise specified, T a =25°C)
part numberTLX9160T
net max ratingForward Current I F (mA)30
On-state Current I ON (mA)50
Operating temperature T opr (°C)-40 to 125
Avalanche Current IAV (mA)0.6
electrical characteristicsoff-state current
OFF max (nA)
@V OFF =1000V100
output resistance voltage

OFF min (V)
@I OFF =10μA1500
Recommended Operating ConditionsSupply voltage V DD max (V)1000
coupled electrical characteristicsTrigger LED Current
FT max (mA)
@I ON =50mA3
return LED current
FC min (mA)
@T a =-40 to 125°C0.05
on-state resistance
ON max (Ω)
@I ON =50mA,

F =10mA, t<1s
Switching CharacteristicsTurn-on time t ON max (ms)1
Turn-off time t OFF max (ms)1
isolation characteristicsIsolation Voltage BV S min (Vrms)5000
Clearance Distance Min (mm)8
Creepage Distance Min (mm)8
size type. (mm)10.3×10×2.45
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