Vicor showcase 48V power module innovations at Open Data Center Committee Summit


1 August, 2019 – The ODCC Summit, China’s leading data center event brings together leading cloud computing and high-performance computing experts to discuss advanced technology and industry challenges. At this year’s event, Vicor will showcase its latest AC and HVDC to 48V and 48V-to-load power modules that provide solutions to today’s most challenging data center power issues.

As server rack power demands dramatically increase becuase of  the addition of advanced AI operations, Vicor has developed 48V solutions that reduce power distribution losses and improve efficiency.  Vicor will demonstrate this efficiency through its bidirectional 48V to 12V and regulated 48V to 12V modules, including the next generation of the popular NBM2317 fixed-ratio converter and the DCM3717 regulated converter, supporting up to 900W in a 37 x17mm package. These modules enable power systems incorporating both 48V and 12V to achieve the highest density and efficiency for step-up or step-down conversion.

About Open Data Center Committee

The Open Data Center Committee (ODCC) is a non-profit consortium formed by China’s leading technology providers (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent), their telecom giants (China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom) and backed by Chinese government agencies. The mission of ODCC is to create an open data center platform in China, promote the development and infrastructure standardization of Internet industry, and accelerate the process of Internet industrialization. ODCC promotes open hyper-scale data center specifications for building an ecosystem that shares proven best practices and designs, and leverages economy-of-scale efficiencies among China’s large players.

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